A night-club that also serves as the headquarters for Selya Tharotas. Here she holds "court", holds parties, and works. The whole place is made to serve her every need and she keeps everything she needs here. It has a nightclub on top and a whole complex under the ground. It serves mostly as a headquarters, but also as a front for her more illicit activities.  


The earliest building signs I could find were from somewhere in the late second age. I have no idea what it was but there were already stones laid out here. Selya told me she had to take out a whole piece of the foundation because it wasn't strong enough to hold the basement. It is known that this building was a storehouse in the late third age, after which it was repurposed as a barrack for soldiers. However, when Selya "bought" it, it was already abandoned.  


The building consists of a large upper layer and a lower complex. To get in, you first need to pass the bouncer, these days a big ass minotaur, and a few guarded hallways. After that, you have a great hall with a high ceiling. This is the "club" area. It has two distinct levels, with a bar on each one. There are musicians playing there every night since it's not a club without the music of course. In the back, behind some doors, there are private rooms, storerooms, and a small kitchen. Then there is the basement, where Selya houses all her contraband, weapons, and men. The basement is easily defendable and even easier hideable. In fact, the whole place is designed to withstand seppie's, or anyone else's raids. I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to write that down, but what officer is gonna come all the way to Zoria Falls just to find information on Discipline.
Dance club

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