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Day of the Olive

One of the most fun days on the Cairnice Isles is the Day of the Olive when festivities fill up the whole island and everyone parties and feasts until late in the night. The day is a day of joy, where all hostilities are ceased. It marks the start of the harvest season and is supposed to represent an appreciation for the goddess Gara. The goddess who watches over nature and brings life every cycle.    

The festival

The day of the olive takes a lot of preparation. The lords of the different keeps import different spices, food, and beverages. While the civilians make sure everything is ready for the big day. Then when the day finally comes, everyone wakes up early. Breakfast before dawn is an island-wide tradition. They eat a lot before the sun comes up, and fast the whole day. When the sun comes up, everyone goes to the olive groves. Even the high-born participate in this. They ceremoniously open the harvest by raking the first olive, before squashing it between their fingers and throwing it on the ground. This small sacrifice is supposed to ensure that the next harvest is just as plentiful. After that, everyone starts harvesting until the light fades between the hills. It is time for the feast to start. People go back into their villages and keeps and start to feast. Until deep in the night, people will eat, drink, and dance. Some of the traditional dishes that are made during the festival are olive pie, a savory pie with tons of olives, marinated chicken, and lavender cakes. Some of the traditional drinks are woodguard wines and Eastkeep beer. All of this makes for one of the most fun parties in all of Mithra.

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