Basic Information

Biological Traits

It’s not uncommon to see their hair or eye colour change as they grow, often darkening. By the time they reach their elderly years, their irises often turn completely black, as well as their hair even with grey strands.

Ecology and Habitats

They’re rather adaptable, able to exist in extreme cold and heat, though they prefer mild climates.

Dietary Needs and Habits

They’re omnivores. While usually they need both meat and plants to survive, it’s possible to live off of a vegan diet, or even a carnivore diet, though it can be very difficult to change to depending on the person.


They tend to be rather suspicious of non human folk. Even though they’re allies with high elves and dragons overall, they still tend to stick to their own groups.

Additional Information

Social Structure

In many cultures, humans follow a clear hierarchical structure where god is at the top, even if not Lord Fyayn himself.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

They’re often hunted by vampires as prey, as well as by werewolves.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

They can be found all over the world, though aren’t very commonly found in Nuiri, Thari, or Fzalder. They’re most concentrated in Symilf, West Jyalb, and Nirilf.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Their senses tend to be quite average, though they preform very poorly in magic because of Lady Merthicz’ punishment

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Many first names are made based off of either animals, concepts of life, or most popularly jobs.

Major Organizations

The Highking’s Court, Slave Enforcement Services, Fyli

Gender Ideals

They recognise different genders largely based off of their role in life. Men are often expected to expand their family and protect them. Women are expected to merge families together and help them thrive. Lowen are expected to do much of the physical work and take care of the money. They’re somewhat fluid with gender, but largely conservative. If someone participated in a role outside of their gender expecting, they’re expected to only temporarily identify as a second gender.

Relationship Ideals

In many human dominant cultures, people tend to choose their partners based off of financial incentives. Whether it be merging families to establish monopolies, arranging marriages to marry into wealthier families, or make new families to create a new business, it’s usually for the gain of obtaining status and money.

Average Technological Level

They’re working hard to reach the tech level that their home planet is at (Steampunk), but it’s a slow progress as Lady Merthicz disapproves of it. With the aid of magically inclined allies, they’re about half of the way there.

Major Language Groups and Dialects



Humans originated from Lord Fyayn’s planet, Nikølʌ, though some immigrated in the early days of Mirthae to make friends with the Lynç elves.   Because of their God’s stricter presence in their life, they tend to be rather conservative and highly puritan. It was made clear when ivierae tried to immigrate to Mirthae, where under Fyayn’s command, they tried to commit genocide against the ivierae.   While general human society has slowly progressed out of their puritan beliefs, the nobles and those in power generally have stayed the same. Many still support the idea of slavery, and some even want it expanded to allow any potential ivierae or satyr be captured and made into a slave.

Historical Figures

Änøy, the first Highking

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Ivierae: Many hold high disdain for ivierae, viewing them to be nothing more than sinful demons. Even those who are pro-ivierae still tend to view them as sinful demons, but in a “these poor creatures need help from a god” sort of way, believing if they started following a “holy” religion their souls can be saved. Many are also quite jealous of ivierae with their ability to immediately come back to life as a baby after dying.   High elves: They’re great allies with high elves, supporting them since they were known as Lynç elves. They’re even helping them find a way to reverse the punishment Lady Merthicz inflicted on them. Still, quite a few regions aren’t fully trusting of the elves, especially as their societies have become warped and twisted from the forced evolution.   Moon elves: They tend to look at moon elves with a twisted sense of appreciation and reverence, almost to the point of fetishisation. It’s especially because of their powers, their ability to control when a Highking dies, that they view the elves as gods.   Dark elves: Though they aren’t largely worshippers of Lady Merthicz, they detest dark elves for daring to cross her by abandoning their religion. Their hatred is often so deep that they don’t hesitate to attack the elves on sight, or hire bounty hunters to try and slay them. Because their skin turns a dark, almost black blue, humans tend to view it as them “becoming corrupted” by the Dark Lord, as it’s the only reason they could think why a moon elf may abandon a goddess like Merthicz.   Dragons: Although dragons have largely stood in opposition against their treatment of ivierae, they’re still great allies in general. It’s argued by many that the dragons in West Jyalb are the reason why many regular humans have started cooking around to ivierae. Though it’s a long journey to get to the West Jyalb markets, Silmfein humans take the journey regardless as they have many needed, and desired items for trade.   Satyr: Humans largely dislike satyr, even the more progressive ones. It’s really only those who don’t worship Lord Fyayn that get along with them. The view satyr as “sexual deviants” because of their rutting season that they go through annually. The more conservative humans despise them because of their biological needs, but also because of their continuous support of ivierae and their role in the Human-Ivierae War. Silmfein nobles often do what they can to repress satyr, though more subtly than ivierae. Forcing them into poverty until they either leave the country, die off, assimilate to human culture, or enforce stereotypes humans have about them by becoming prostitutes. While many go into sex work because they’re genuinely interested, the whole system in Symilf is entirely corrupted because of the human’s perception of them and their interference.   Wood elves: They feel a deep sense of pity for them as they became very animalistic, but also don’t entirely care for them as they were prominent allies of ivierae. The more progressive humans tend to get along with them quite well, especially in Maefyzer.   Mermaids: Both conservative and progressive humans hold high respect for mermaids, as even the more blood thirsty ones are still highly dedicated to serving Lady Alqoa. Though the Silmfein nobles don’t like that they side with the ivierae, they dare not go against them as they know they’re not afraid to drown them.
Genetic Descendants
58-70 years
Average Height
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
They have regular flesh coloured skin ranging from light to dark. The only “markings” they do have are freckles and moles and the likes.
Related Ethnicities

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