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The voice of Idys

In the middle of @Evergreen, the capital of Rura, the Kingdom in the clouds. There stands the statue of Idys the Voiceless, this Dragon was born without a voice. But the statue is not only depicting her, it also shows a couple of crows. Idys was born without a voice, and was unable to communicate. So she thought her pet crows to talk for her, they first only spoke a few words. But then whole sentences, and soon after that all the other crows that came in contact with her started to speak as well. Until all the crows inside the kingdom were able to speak.   The crows stopped speaking after Idys passed away, as if they had lost their voices as well. And the people of Rura started to forget about it, the crows haven't spoken in 1000 years. Until now.   The Pegasi and Griffins, are believing that this is a bad omen.   The Sphinxes and Harpies, are believing that this is a sign that Idys is coming back from the death.   The Dragons are starting to talk with Wizards from other kingdoms, but they have not found an answer.   Only the crows know what is going on, and they are unwilling to share it with the world.

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