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Session 37 Notes

General Summary

World Date Fall, First Moon, Dulyn (2nd Day) to Lafael (16th Day)

  • Roth sells some rubies to the owner of the The Opal Moon - Jewlery Store, 3 for 42 gold each (126g).
  • Roth stopped by the University book store and bought a book in Celestial.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Lafael (16th Day)
  • The party is meet with Ove at the morning at the inn The Wandering Waves Inn - Lower class and escorts the party to the dock.
  • As the party approaches, they see two cloaked figures waiting to get on the boat.
  • Ove greets the normal human sized person as John, and does not address the over 7ft tall figure, which Baeshra realizes is a golem. John calls the golem "Tim."
  • Ove mentions that the boat, The Dawn Chaser was chartered from Fleet Feet Delivery Service to take the party to Port Melody, where they will wait, and after not hearing from the party for 60 days, will then return. If they hear, they will wait at Port Melody for the party's return.
  • As the party boards the boat, they are told only John is aware of the item they seek, and he has a magical item that finds the shortest way to the item in question.
  • The party then boards the boat. The skies are overcast with a moderate wind.
  • The day was uneventful and as it went towards evening, a swarm of luminescent jelly fish. Scarlett takes a net and catches 4 of them, which she adds to her aquarium.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Fisro (17th Day)
  • Day 2 at Sea: Calm, clear skies, light wind.
  • The group meets Capt Napoleon, who welcomes the group aboard.
  • Ari plays with her mood orb, and gets the pseudodragon to hold, which confused Baeshra but he allowed it, and it turned fun colors.
  • During the night, Roth sees a drunken crew mate, Pierre, fall overboard. The captain turns the ship to retrieve him, and Baeshra turns into a dolphin to rescue him, and he drunkenly pets the dolphin.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Fislar (18th Day)
  • Day 3 at Sea: Raining, most of the day, light wind.
  • During the day, mostly the party waits inside, out of the rain.
  • At dusk, the ship sights another vessels approaching, "The Lusty Crustacean" a floating brothel and gambling ship.
  • Both the Cpt Napoleon and Ove Ove Lindblom realize they are on a time table, and sadly cannot take the night off to enjoy the distraction. Scarlett and Ari are sad, though Scarlett is confused on what the boat is for.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Fisam (19th Day)
  • Day 4 at Sea: Fair skies, normal wind.
  • Roth looks for bunny sharks during the days and does not see any.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Fisten (20th Day)
  • Day 5 at Sea: Heavy rains and winds, takes the boat off course for a day.
  • The party sends the time below deck, Ari playing with her mood orb, Merry and Roth refuse to touch it, and the golem does hold it, and the smoke stills.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Fisen (21st Day)
  • Day 6 at Sea: Light rain and light winds.
  • The party sees a giant shark approach the ship in the early afternoon.
  • The crew ready harpoons at the edge of the ship, but do not attack the shark first.
  • Scarlett casts Speak with Animals and tries to talk to the shark, slightly nudging the boat, and Scarlett is unable to carry on much of a conversation. Merry then casts Minor Illusion to create some seals a fair distance away, the giant shark then goes after the seals and says Bye to Scarlett.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Fisal (22nd Day)
  • Day 7 at Sea: Misty light rain and light winds.
  • The Dawn Chaser docks in Port Melody around sunset (5-6pm).
  • Port Melody is a small town, a stop point on a trade route where the city is a walled city with heavy fortifications and a small dock for 3-4 ships.
  • Ove lets the party know they will wait for them in dock 60 days or 60 days after the last communication. The crew and boat will stay in Port Melody at the The Naught Melody Tavern.
  • The party speaks to Lapis, the owner of the Tavern to arrange rooms for the night and to try to find a guide after speaking with Tim (who is still a little seasick) and learn they only have a spell on an object to guide them in the dessert.
  • Roth finds out that they guide, Jared has not lead an group in a while, but he is available and has camels.
  • Jared can provide camels for the party and John (but not the golem), and charges 50 gold for 30 days. Jared will not fight and will stay with camels if they party needs to explore areas. Roth gives him 30 gold and Baeshra goes with him to meet the camels while Jared prepares for the next day.
  • Merry, Roth, and Ari all buy light linen cloaks and enjoy some rest and dinner before bed. Jared told the party it will take 13-15 days to get the ruins by way of 2 oasis's.
  • The party speaks with John, trying to confirm why he was sent, and if he is not meant to return. He is optimistic and reads and speaks celestial, which is why he thinks he was chosen. Mary and Roth are unsure of the his chances of survival.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Renlar (23rd Day)
  • The party, John, Tim, and Jared get on the camels at dawn and head out into the dessert.
  • After 4 hours of travel, as the sun reaches noon, the party rests in the shade of a dune for a few hours, and 2pm ish they continue on for another 4 hours.
  • During the afternoon, Branwen does reconnaissance and sees two medium tents off the path that the party is taken. There is a decision to go around the tents by a narrow space, but not too far away.
  • When passing the tents, Roth sees a person looking at the group, plus the giant goat that Ari summoned from her bag. The figure in the tent does not do anything and just watches the party go past. After passing, Branwen makes another loop, and sees the 5 people leave the tent and eat dinner. They do not seem to be following the party.
  • The party stops for the night, and John casts a magical place to sleep, where the whole party can rest. Tim the golem keeps watch on the camels, and the giant goat of Art disappears, disappointing Baeshra, who wanted to eat it.
  • The party takes watch, with Roth rolling very high, 30+ and seeing a flying lion. Scarlett at dawn sees clouds on the horizion.
  World Date Fall, First Moon, Koral (24th Day)
  • The party wakes up Jared, who sees the sand storm from the south west, and thinks the party should continue on, and not wait for the sand storm to arrive.
  • Merry mentions she can also cast the same spell as John, so they could house the camels and the party. Roth mentions that Jared and he will keep an eye on the storm and stop the party 30 mins before it will hit to prepare the spells.
  • At lunch, the party realizes the sand storm has passed, and they will not have to deal with it.
  • After the lunch rest, John casts Find the Path, and realizes the guide is taking them a slightly different way then the spell. Jared says this path will lead past the oasis.
  • The party continues on with Jared leading the way, and nothing interesting happens during afternoon travel.

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
14 Jun 2019

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