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Session 22 Notes

General Summary

Wizard Tower (Part 3) and Swamp - World Date Summer, Second Moon, Fisen (21st Day)

  • Merry casts sparkling illusions to amuse Branwen, she is amused
  • Roth goes back to the laboratory to look around, and finds 2 crystals, one deep purple/black, one pale white, both of which can be used as an arcane focus
    • Roth puts the dark one in an accessible pocket, and the light in his backpack
  • Baeshra, Merry, FIske, and Scarlett go to the roof of the tower
  • Baeshra casts detect magic, and he is magically enlarged for 1 min
  • The pearl in the center of the tower's roof is very magical, which Baeshra attempts to grab, and Merry slaps his hand away
  • Merry casts suggestion on Baeshra, which fails, and she has sparkling butterflies around her for 10 mins
  • Scarlett is very amused by this, and would like her own butterflies, Merry convinces Scarlett not to cast random magic to try and get butterflies
  • Roth explores the wizard's bedroom and finds fuzzy red bedroom slippers
  • Roth asks Baeshra to determine if they are magic, and Baeshra tries (unsuccessful) to convince Roth they are magical, Roth throws the slippers at Baeshra
  • Party heads downstairs, which Branwen entranced by Merry's butterflies
  • At the base of the stairs, Roth sees a door that he did not notice there the night before
  • Roth opens the door, and sees an exit directly to the tower's courtyard
  • Roth goes out to explore the courtyard, which is clear
  • The party leaves a note for the wizard, in case he ever returns, letting him know they took Philip and Gertrude with them.
  • Party takes it time leaving the tower, talking to Philip the octopus, trying to find a good way to carry Philip the octopus, and convincing Philip the octopus to ride in a giant stew pot Scarlett would use to carry him out of the tower, and leaving a note about Gertrude and Philip for the wizard
  • During all this Fiske has the platter make raw octopus, which he feds to Baeshre and Merry tries to convince Baeshra it it wrong to eat people's pets, ie Philip
  • Roth sends Brawen in to see what is taking so long, and she finds Fiske and Baeshra throwing food
  • Roth orders Brawen to grab the food in the air, and Baeshra chomps on Brawen and the food, and Brawen disappears
  • Merry hits Baeshra, Scarlett punches Baeshra, and when they all go outside Roth tries to hit Baeshra
  • The party takes a short rest and Roth is able to re-summon Brawen, who immediately hisses at Baeshra, and hides on Roth's shoulder
  • Merry casts minor illusion of the butterflies to amuse Brawen, who thanks Merry by flying over to nuzzle her, then flying back to Roth
  • The party walks 2-3 hours to the swamp
  • While exploring the swamp, in the distance the party sees a giant constrictor snake hiding in the trees, which the party then kills with ranged weapons
  • Baeshra then follows giant frogs through the swamp, tracks for about an hour
  • Finds three giant frogs, Baeshra kills two, Roth kills one
  • Party drag the frogs out the swamp (about an hour)
  • The party camps out and has dinner in the ruins at the edge of the swamp, eats some of the giant frogs
  • Merry makes a basic flute out of the swamp reeds she finds
  • Roth asks Baeshra to detect magic on the cane from the tower, it is not magical
  • Baeshra talks to plants again, nothing interesting happened
  • Party takes a long rest with plans to head back to Adelen the next morning

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
25 Oct 2018
Primary Location
Wizards's Tower
Secondary Location
Brell Ruins

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