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Session 21 Notes

General Summary

Wizard Tower (Part 2) - World Date Summer, 2nd Moon, Fisten (20th Day) & Fisen (21st Day)  

  • Merry finds a rock
  • Roth sees books that appear to be traps, but does get 2 books in silvan on the animals and plants in the Faewild
  • Roth searches the desk in the library
    1. Finds a pot with 12 beads of nourishment
    2. Find a dayplanner with a date from 300 years ago
    3. Scarlet says that the dayplanner is in an arcane language
  • Roth continues on into a lab and with a brief glance finds 5 potions
    1. Gives superior health potion to Merry later in session
  • Roth finds a hidden door in the lab, in the room there are
    1. Ivory elephant statue on a table
    2. octopus in aquarium (who greets Roth with a wave)
    3. curio cabinet that gives Roth very bad vibes
  • Heading to find Merry/Scarlet, sees Fiske examining an alchemical jug
  • Recognizes jug, tells Fiske what it is/how to use it
  • Finds Merry and Scarlet building a pillow fort, asks one of them to talk to the squid
  • Merry can read the curio cabinet (which says something about a hag being there) and opens the cabinet, revealing a small statue of a hag
  • Merry attempts to take the statue out of the cabinet but Roth stops her and they argue until Scarlett returns to talk to the devilfish
  • The octopus is named Philip, was a pet of the wizard who lived there
  • Hag statue is the hag that was trapped by the wizard and put in the cabinet
  • Merry causes the ivory elephant to turn into a real, full-sized elephant, squashing the party into the hallway
  • Eventually, Gertrude the elephant returns to being a statuette
  • Roth/Merry head to the library and Roth shows here the wizards journals, which she can read
  • Gregori (wizard whose tower this is) is likely an elf or other long-lived species
  • Roth closes the curio cabinet that Merry left open while Merry continues to read
  • We have dinner on self-cleaning plates in the dining room
  • Find a door to the roof of the tower - where there's an orb that no one has any interest in touching and some perfectly maintained astronomy equipment
  • Party goes to bed in the pillow fort; Roth stays on the tower rooftop to meditate
  • Roth sees a vision of the RQ and a raven familiar arrives on his shoulder
  • Fisen (21st Day)
  • Head downstairs for breakfast - bacon/eggs (offer some to Branwen the Raven, who is curious)
  • Roth tells Branwen stays away from Fiske
  • Roth goes to investigate the tower again with the help of his new companion

Thursday Night Story
Report Date
25 Oct 2018
Primary Location
Brell Island
Secondary Location
Wizards's Tower

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