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The motivation behind building Mirios

The world itself is an expression of the brain of its creators, authored by the Mirios Project Worldbuilding community.

The goal of the project

This world is used to hone our skills and create a place where we can express ourselves.

Mirios's Unique Selling point

Our world is unique in the story it tells and the settings. No peoples should be completely analagous to any real or fictional counterpart, our universe was made by gods who exist and our world is one that was crafted to be our own.



The Niedene Project (or World of Mirios) is a project that is centered around a fantasy theme with some basis in realism. The world is not intended to be 100% realistic due to the influence of gods and its goal of being interesting.

Reader Experience

The world is supposed to be one that offers an escape to the reader. The world is filled with horror in the form of the witherances and dark gods, beauty in the form of the lands and culture, awe in the whole scale of everything. This world is meant to allow escapism for its creators.

Reader Tone

While much of the world is dark due to the reality of life, there is many bright points in between the dark ones.

Recurring Themes

The following are themes identified by Sieg: Nation and Identity, Family and Belonging, the Balance of Good and Evil, Fate and Destiny, Dreams and the Soul, Love and Emotion. Examples:
The struggle of the Niedene to hold on against the modernity of the Essukuri migrations. The destiny of Severie as a member of the Ilsairi and one chosen by the gods. Magic is manifested through ones soul, their dreams, and ambitions.

Character Agency

Characters can change the world provided luck is on their side, however this depends on many factors.


The Essukuri invading South Nieden have been halted due to the combined forces of Ornemere, Anosfae, Korthai, and Ischurrai.
Many kingdoms like the Ischurrai, Korthai, Anesari, Ornemiri, and others are undergoing civil wars. The most important being the Ischurrai one that started when Alseret of the Ischurrai died in battle while the yound heir was away.
The world is now starting to reach technology and progress that was found before the great shattering. This event was when the dark god Sanri upset the balance of the spirit world by shattering the ruler of the Gods, Anetos.