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Miria A World of Reflection & Adventure

Mid Second Millennia

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Light of Life

In the beginning, there was the Bright One. A light shone from within His heart and created the vast heavens: Celestia, Stratosphia, and Miria. Miria was a tiny marble in the immense darkness, and around it sparkled many stars. The Bright One smiled and said, “It is good.” Everything He created was perfect in every way.   Everything made by Yasha was nurtured by His Spirit magic. By the same essence, He planted soul seeds in the heart of people and they sprouted to life. He called them kinsouls since they shared unity as one race, however not one appeared the same as another. Each were made unique and yet the same.  

Darkness of Death

One of the strongest angelic beings by the Bright One's side was Shachar. Gifted with great power, he did all that the Bright One asked him to do. Somewhere along the way, Shachar had a terrible thought and a blackened shade of pride sprouted within him. It burrowed its way deep into his heart and bloomed, which caused him to transform into a deadly abomination: the Crimson Dragon.   The Crimson Dragon gathered as many of the Bright One’s stars as he could and convinced them to join his side. Those that chose him lost their light of glory from the Bright One, and reduced themselves to a deeper shade of midnight: the Fallen. War broke out in Celestia and the battle came to a swift end when the Bright One formed a White Lion from Spirit magic. He charged, forcing these abominations out from His presence and Celestia. Like a lightning flash, the Crimson Dragon found himself caught in Stratosphia, and became furiously enraged. He and his followers exacted revenge against the Bright One by sowing seeds of darkness into the hearts of His creation: kinsouls and all of Miria.  

A Flicker of Light Begins to Shine

A gentle and divine song calls to the hearts of Faeila and Tauren. Upon hearing the melody, an invitation appears before them as a mirror gate. What awaits them on the other side is an adventure as Sojourners, new reflections of their old life they left behind. Together, they traverse Miria in both its beauty and terror in search for the Radiant King’s Armour.   An even darker plan is set in motion against those that heed the song in their heart. A prophecy not many understand - the War of Souls - is coming to fruition. Sojourners must learn a new way of life by pursuing all of the Radiant King’s Armour to stand firm against the ever encroaching darkness and await the Legendary Sojourner's return for the Sword of Light.   He will usher in a new beginning to an age that is passing away…