Sacret forest

The Sacred forest is the name given to a forest located to the south of Pearlhal and has a special place in the history of the city and the Crienia people that live there.   Several thousand years ago, during the age of the Derican migrations, two tribes, one of these tribes, the moon elves, settled in the forest where they made their home, and the other tribe, a human one, settled near the river at the edge of the woods. The moon elves were worried about the humans as they had been driven from their ancestral land by several tribes of humans further east and had just settled in this area less than six full moons ago. Hence, they were not happy about the humans inhabiting the land there. Still, after the humans approached the elves and asked for a trade agreement, the elves began to relax, and over the centuries, the two tribes merged to create the Crienia people, who, in the meantime, had moved closer to the coast and were Pealhal is today.   Due to its history, the Crienia protects this forest, and it is home to several small shrines where people can pray to the gods and spirits of the woods.   Due to the forest's size and dept, the forest also acts as a haven for those unable to defend themself and has been used by the citizens of Pearlhal as a place to hide their weak when the capital is under threat. There are stories of enemy soldiers marching into the forest, only never to return again.   The place were the royal pyre is located is said to have been the location of the original elven village.
Alternative Name(s)
Elven forest
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Cover image: Palm forest in Manicaria and Raphia swamps — Tortuguero National Park, northeastern Costa Rica. by KTWL


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