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Clifian Phalanx

The Clifian Phalanx is the primary military formation of the Clifian army and has, throughout time, been adopted by some of the neighbouring nations, most notably the Ibraghian Theocracy.   It's a formation composed of heavy infantry armed with long spears to keep the enemy at a distance where they can't hurt onces own formation. The Phalanx originates in the Kingdom of Thynin . Still, it was the adaptation of the Phalanx in the Principality of Clifia that made it into the renowned formation it is today. However, the Clifian Phalanx did suffer an almost catastrophic blow to its prestige when the formation proved unable to defeat the Dercian Legions during the The war of Western expansion.  



The base unit of the phalanx is made up of 12 men, and six of these make anĀ eis bathos; these will be combined into a Phalanx, typically around 2500 men.   To support these, 600 cavalry troops and several light troops will normally be assigned for skirmishes.


Hoplite typically has a breastplate, a helmet with cheek plates, and greaves, the breastplate and helmet are normally made of metal or bronze, but this depends on the region of Clifia.


The primary hoplite weapon was a spear around 2 metres in length.   light to medium shield


A favoured tactic of the Phalanx is to make one of the left flanks have double the dept of the rest of the army, and this is used to make this flank stronger than the opposite side; this will allow the flank to assault the other side in strength; meanwhile, the rest of the army would be echeloned back, preventing the weaker points of the army to be engaged giving the left flank time to route their opponent and attack the rest of the enemy in the back.  
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