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Veera's Grace

A Hand, one of the upper clergy in the ranks of the Hands of Veera that runs the Nation of Thul wades through a crowd of kneeling individuals.

"People of Song you need not bow to us, we are here to deliver you the gifts of a god."

He speaks eloquently to the people through their sobs and pleas of mercy, "You shall rejoice soon, for you will be in the presence of the Sozan and his Divine Light, as foretold by Veera herself to her most loyal of Hands. The pain you are about to feel pales in comparison to that which you've felt across the years of your lives lived thus far. Even the little ones. You are soon to find your peace, and I remind you that it is through the great sacrifice of the fine soldiers behind me, and Thul itself."

The Hand of Veera has now made his way to the edge of the crowd and to the encircled soldiers that accompany him.

"Soldier of Thul you know now what must be done to sanctify this accursed land in the name of Veera and our great Nation of Thul so that we may begin to erect our great monastary. Perform the sacred right and earn your place as Bloodguilty by sending these unfortunate souls to the maker's eternal light!", the hand slides between two soldiers and away from the group, making his way for his tent.

With his back turned, the soldiers draw their blades and move into the crowd executing them one by one. Not a single person in the crowd attempts to stand up or fight back, accepting their fate at the hands of a cruel fate to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. The soldiers are ruthlessly efficient in their savagery, none are left behind.

Mythology & Lore

In the early years, when the men of Acre we're fumbling with sticks in the dark, it is said that Veera came to them. She taught them of Sozan and his Divine Light. Of Zost, his sinful creation of Mir and the inneviteble end-times he would wrought upon the lands once again. She spoke of the l'Gota Stenok and his siblings Zhizn and Eyinan. She helped relieve them of their ignorance to the world around them. To the other rising nations and groups of men roaming the distant lands beyond The Gap. The men of Acre came slowly to worship Veera, pledging their lives and their eternal souls to her.   She left out the most important parts of her tale. Very carefully she edited and omitted pieces of her and the other l'Gota's history.   Of their trials.   Of their failures.   Their imperfections and their loss.   And that she herself was an l'Gota and sibling of Zhizn. Eyinan and Stenok as well.
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Tradition / Ritual | Jan 14, 2019

A right of passage bound by sin and slaughter.

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