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Nation of Thul

The Nation of Thul.

Built by the swings of cold steel, it's foundations are set in atrocity with blood as mortar. The l'Gota known as Veera has come to hold this part of Acre with an iron fist. Her people are subjugated by those she deems fit for power. With cities named in a charming, almost obvious manner they are anything but. Those who live under the heel of the church, or given the 'privilege' of back-breaking manual labor through slaving programs live in absolute terror and obedience.


The organization known as Veera's Grace claim to be total rulers of Thul, and are by law, but they are not above the greed of men or easily swayed to suit other interests. The resource barons of the nation are one such group of people, being necessary for the defense, wealth and sustainability for the empire.

Public Agenda

In the cities and villages, that fall under Thul might, religion is strictly enforced and pushed upon its people via government mandates and non-negotiable prayer times. Church attendance is required, and a basic knowledge test must be passed bi-annually. The Archdeacon Council rules over the people from Origin, using Holy Guard of Thul as their strong-arm and police. The council’s word is law. Once spoken the scribe’s record the words of the council in perfect accuracy to be printed and reproduced around the territory.


CURRENCY The currency of Thul are small, bronze, silver and gold coins forged by the Nation to be used to barter with, pay wages and in exchange for goods and services. Each coins face bears a resemblance to the two founders of Thul, the Master on the Silver coin, The Student on the bronze, and Belief in disguise as the Patron upon the gold. The reverse face of each coin holds an engraving of the Thul coat of arms and the date in which it was minted.

AGRICTULTURE Main settlements surrounded by field of crops tended to by Nation farmers, under government pay. Many homesteads and private farms exist off roads and maps where families go to be alone and away from the dogma of Thul. These people live a largely subsistence lifestyle and occasionally barter with other nearby families. Common crops include wheat, corn, pumpkins, peppers, tomatoes, parsley and other herbs & spices, tobacco and more.

DOMESTIC ANIMALS & HERDING They herd cattle while keeping poultry and pigs as alternative food sources. They keep dogs and cats as pets, along with the occasional small rodent/mammal as pets as well. Horses, donkeys and bulls are used as transportation and beasts of burden to assist with farming, trade and other various activities.

TRADE & COMMERCE Biggest export is weaponry as a product from their iron industry and fur’s from the hunting in the winter and rain months by the farmers looking to make some extra gold as the new farming season begins. Many people who live off the grid simply barter for goods and services while the government and people in more populated areas use coin for trade and power.

INDUSTRY Mining iron found in the foothills of the Northern Aleyn Mountains is the biggest industry under Thuls grip, with tobacco farming in the southern parts of the region coming in second, followed by export of arms made with Thu’l steal and furs from trapping wild game.

HUNTING & GATHERING Most hunting and fishing is done by the indigenous peoples of the land who live far away and hidden from Thul. Some fur trading is done on a large scale in Bliss by local hunters. Commonly hunted or fished animals are salmon, trout, pike, bass, deer, squirrel, bear, boar, various game birds and more.   The Nation of Thul only offers a hard life and harsher upbringing. Most folk of the region know what wild plants are edible or not, along with basic use of them for medicinal purpose.

Iron and Blood to find Glory in Faith.

Geopolitical, Theocracy
Alternative Names
Thul, the Homeland
Government System
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Command/Planned economy
Official State Religion
Veera's Grace
Parent Organization
Veera's Grace
Related Ranks & Titles
Controlled Territories
Related Ethnicities
Related Rituals
Tradition / Ritual | Jan 14, 2019

A right of passage bound by sin and slaughter.

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