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The Gap

"The Gap is not a location we can allow Thul to hold." the Sevan commander stated boldly to his peers encircling the table.   One of the other men speaks up, almost yelling "We cannot risk a frontal assault or all-out war. We are NOT strong enough to take on the might of the Thul army in their own lands!"   Another from the back of the room shouts, "We cannot allow them further control into territory so close to our lands either!"   The room erupts into a cluttered mess of voices all attempting to shout over one another in an instant. Fingers are pointed. Spit is spat. Blame is placed.   The commander near the table in the center of the room raises a slow right hand and lowers it at the same speed and the room falls silent.   "We shall use attrition and strike at Bliss first, then." the commander calmly responds to the men, "Then we shall insert our clandestine units within the Gap posing as farmers and herders to gather information and establish a timeline for grander action."   There is a distinct pause as a heaviness fills the air between the gathered crowd of military officers.   "I think we'll all find these terms agreeable, gentlemen. I fear the fate of those who do not. You may begin your preparations and I suggest the commission of a few new siege engines as well."   The commander exits the tent, his peers beginning to fall into their candlelight schemes.

Mountain Pass
Location under
Owning Organization
Nation of Thul

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