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The sullied shall be cleansed by iron and sin on the command of the Hand which leads them. The Right of Sanctity takes not only the lives of heretics, but the right to enter heaven away from the Bloodguilty themselves, and for this great nation of Thul, there is no sacrifice these souls are not willing to make for the betterment of our people. The betterment of Thul.
— excerpt from the decree in which the Expulsion and title of Bloodguilty were announced to the public.
  An honor given only those willing to forgo their rightful place next to Sozan's side. In groups of 12, they are formed by newly appointed Hand of Veera until a time comes that they may 'earn their guilt' by preforming the Right of Sanctity in the name of Veera's Grace and the Nation of Thul. They exist seperately from the military arm of the nation, and are often mistaken as mercenaries by outsiders when on business away from their Hand.

Religious, Military
Reports directly to
Hand of Veera
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