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Builder of Worlds Soren End Stone

Soren is a man who arrived into Minecraftia from an alternate reality.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Is a Builder, which is above a Crafter in that the things he can build directly impact the game, while the things Crafter can craft are more aesthetic and often only have minor effects.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

*SPOILER ALERT FOR MINECRAFT: STORY MODE*   In the beginning, Soren started out as an ordinary person who loved making elaborate buildings. But then he made friends with Ellegaard, who was a graduate at her college, and worked together to build masterful creations, from massive minecart systems to robots that could be controlled manually. The two enjoyed each others' company and even entered a romantic relationship for some time, however, the romance did not last and they broke it up, though they still remained friends. Then, the two encountered Ivor, a known crook who attempted to scam them out of a diamond block. The two managed to corner him and he gave them back their diamond block, and begged them not to get him arrested. Soren and Ellegaard chose not to, and out of gratitude, Ivor promised to make it up to them by joining their group.   Soren, Ellegaard, and Ivor left their town and went on a journey and encountered Gabriel, a lone warrior out to make a name of himself, who initially wasn't interested in joining them until they were set upon by bandits and captured. From there, they were forced to work together to find a way to escape. During said escape, they held captive Magnus, one of the bandits, and used him to get away. Filled with hatred towards the gang, it took Magnus and the others a while to warm up to each other, though it happened after they saved his life numerous times, and he saved theirs.   The five traveled across the Overworld countless times, having a great sense of adventure when they were together. They came to be known as the Order of the Stone. The team ventured through the hellish depths of the Nether, and to the bottom of the sea. During another trek, they came across an ancient temple, one trapped more than any they had been through before. It was dangerous with many close calls, but the group managed to pull through and make it to the end room, where there was a glowing machine placed on a pedestal. It was the Command Block, and with it came near-limitless power. With it, all fights they got into could be resolved in an instant, and all problems could be solved. Now ready, they went for the stronghold that would lead to the End, where the ultimate opponent dwelled, the beast that would guarantee their fame if they succeeded-the Enderdragon.   Initially, they tried to defeat the enderdragon without the Command Block, but it was soon clear that their reliance on it to solve their problems for them had made them weak. Before long, it became a fight for their lives, as they struggled to fight against the monster. Soren knew that they couldn't stop the beast and that there was no escape from the End, so he used the Command Block one last time to cause the enderdragon to despawn before it could finish them off. Disgusted by their own blind faith in themselves and having to stoop so low, they swore that they would never tell anyone else the true way the beast had been slain. However, Ivor, now dedicated to redeeming himself and being a better person than what he was before, was against staying silent, and the rest of the group gave him all their treasures in exchange for his silence, including the Command Block. They then returned to the Overworld with the dragon egg.   They were hailed as champions and revered as living legends upon their return before they split apart. Ivor was particularly disgusted at their cover-up and left the group to go to the Far Lands to build a base for his studies. Ellegaard went on to become the leader of Redstonia. Magnus was declared the griefer king and went to build a house in a desert, although he was found out by other griefers, who attempted to kill him countless times before he built a massive obsidian base set with many traps and lived there. Gabriel returned to his roots of being a lone warrior and training himself as he journeyed across the Overworld, occasionally returning to his obsidian fortress and the town nearby to be treated as a beloved celebrity. And finally, Soren built a mob grinder to put all mob grinders to shame around the stronghold and returned to the End as he had gained interest in endermen and wanted to learn more about how they behaved.   After the Wither Storm had been created by Ivor, Jesse and his friends went in search of the members, which led them to Redstonia, Boom Town, and eventually to the End where Soren was studying the endermen and living among them. He managed to convinced Soren to help them get his ultimate weapon to destroy the Wither Storm-the Formidi-Bomb. Upon using the F-Bomb, the beast was blown apart, however, the Command Block was still active and brought the beast back to life, with two other Wither Storms in addition. The team fled to the Far Lands in search of a solution, and then Jesse learned the truth of the circumstances that led to the enderdragon's death and the Order's cover-up. Soren, knowing the truth was finally out, was filled with remorse.   Once the team had returned to the location of the Wither Storms with Jesse's newly enchanted diamond weapon, they charged in to confront the beast, however, in a moment of weakness, Soren turned and ran away. The Wither Storms were defeated, and Jesse and the new Order of the Stone were hailed as heroes as the original order was exposed.   Soren, filled with regret and self-hatred for ruining his one chance at redemption, used an item called the Reality Cube that he had created using the Command Block to open portals to other worlds and leave his home world and began to travel across the Craft multiverse, leaving many books behind as he left each until he eventually encountered Wilson, who had noticed his ability to travel the multiverse and stole his Reality Cube, leaving him trapped in the world of Minecraftia, unable to escape.   Soren was eventually captured by Lucian, who had noticed his ability to craft items beyond what the world itself allowed. Lucian forced Soren to give the Wither skulls he had gained from the Nether sentience so that it would be intelligent when he unleashed it upon the world. When Lucian's plan backfired, he brought Soren with him to the illagers, and forced him to make weapons and armor and other equipment for his army, and had him create a completely new weapon. This weapon was the Axe-Blade, a fusion of a sword, a long stick, and an axe that could be used to break through shields without having to steady oneself for a followup attack. Soren crafted the Axe-Blade, which would be Astrid's signature weapon, and he crafted her and Lucian's armor, as well as his trident.   Soren by this point was a torn man on the brink of insanity, living with the knowledge that his actions were causing people to be hurt and killed. He attempted suicide on numerous occasions, but was always stopped as he had been on watch by illagers at all times. Eventually, when the Purge War was brought to an end, as all the bases previously controlled by the Illagers were being seized by the humans, Soren was freed and brought to a mental asylum, where he stayed for many years. He wasn't set free due to his delirious talking of being a traveler of worlds until he was discovered by David, who by this point was a middle-aged adult. David, who had taken an interest in his stories, believed that Soren was not crazy, at least not to the degree many thought him to be, and helped him to escape in exchange for his willingness to bring David to Lucian's many bases.   Soren guided David across the land, bringing him to each and every one of Lucian's hideouts, when they eventually discovered Lucian's plans of becoming immortal by bonding his soul with a Nether respawn anchor. This would make it so that he would be able to respawn after being killed. After this, David and Soren went their separate ways as Soren returned to his home world with the hope that he could make amends.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Managed to defeat the enderdragon; Discovered Lucian's hidden plot; Saved David and his family and helped to save Jason.

Failures & Embarrassments

Using the Command Block to force the enderdragon to despawn; Abandoning his friends as they took on the Wither Storms; Building the weapons for Lucian's army.

Mental Trauma

Ever since he abandoned his friends in his own world, he's fallen into a great state of depression and his mental state dropped.

Morality & Philosophy

That nothing matters.
Current Residence
2 blocks or 6 feet.
Quotes & Catchphrases
Just give me one more chance... please...
— Soren, overcome with grief and regret at all the mistakes he has made throughout his life.
Against my better judgement, Lucian's plan cannot be allowed to go unchecked. I bid you farewell, my friend, and may we meet again.
— Soren when he and David go their different paths.
Known Languages
Minecraftian English, standard English.

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Author's Notes

The Soren that this article covers is merely one universe's version from across the multiverse. There is no canonical version of Soren or his backstory. This is only one version of the same Soren that was in Minecraft: Story Mode and is not meant to be the 'true' version, since such a concept doesn't exist within the multiverse.

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