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The Observer Wilson Mechblock

Wilson was once an ordinary man living on an alternate timeline where the game of Minecraft went down a different path, a path of science fiction and became the game of Sci-craft. But everything changed once an AI known as Solution took over his home world. Free will was on the cusp of extinction, as every human that was found had their AI taken over by Solution, the superior intelligence. But then the day came as the humans made their final effort to stop the AI, and infiltrated its home base of operations. Wilson was among them. However, once they were discovered, Wilson came upon a mysterious machine called the Reality Cube. He quickly used it, and was transported to another world. Since then, he began his long journey across the multiverse, learning the secrets of how reality worked. It would be centuries before he finally returned to his own timeline and destroyed the AI. But after that, he went back to exploring the infinite worlds, on a quest to find out how reality was first created.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A W above an M, bound together by a single line.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fit and agile.

Body Features

Most of the left side of his body is cybernetic.

Facial Features

The right side of his face has an eye with a brown pupil, while the left side of his face is cybernetic, with a mechanical eye that is red. His nose and mouth are half mechanical, half cyber-biological.

Identifying Characteristics

Has the core of the Reality Cube in his chest where his heart was. It emits a glowing purple light.

Physical quirks

Despite having a mechanically superior left hand, he prefers his right.

Apparel & Accessories

Most often wears a dark red shirt and grey pants with dark grey shoes.

Specialized Equipment

His left arm is capable transforming into a blaster that can fire off small to medium-sized balls of energy to warn off hostiles, or beams of power that draws from the Reality Cube, capable of instantly killing most things in a single hit.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After obtaining the Reality Cube, Wilson gained the ability to travel across the multiverse. He would eventually return to his home world to use his knowledge to destroy the Solution AI in one attempt. He would then make sure that everyone had their free will back, and then leave his home world for good, having been gone from his family for centuries and completely disconnected from them. Long after that, Wilson managed to program the Reality Cube with an advanced machine to connect with the physical world and allow him to send his conscious mind into an available body, allowing him to continue his research on Earth. He eventually fell in love with a scientist named Sandra for her eagerness to learn and ambitions, but after some time she was killed by Null, the Destroyer , who was still trapped within the virtual world but managed to reach the physical through his virtual unconscious body. After the traumatic event, Wilson found out that a kind of power equal to Null, though different, had put a restriction on the Reality Cube, preventing him from traveling to any timeline where he had been to previously as well as any timeline that Sandra had been a part of. Since then, he has vowed that he would find a way to break through the paradox and destroy the embodiment of Destruction.


Straight, but bi-dimensional.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Defeated the Solution AI and split it into seven shards that he scattered across reality. Managed to find a way to reach the physical world by working with Sandra to make him a body to take control of.

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to protect Sandra from Null.

Morality & Philosophy

Due to his drastically prolonged lifespan and having to leave everyone he'd ever cared about, he grew to be distant from other people. He became less compassionate to people, and only cares for himself.


He once performed his tests on humans, but realized how horrific it was. Since then, he has ceased using human experiments.

Personality Characteristics


To find out the true origins of reality.

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes: AI, relying on machines, other people he sees as incompetant.


Religious Views




Tier 8 Threat (Important)

Towards Wilson




Prey (Trivial)

Towards Null




Partner (Vital)

Towards Wilson




Partner (Important)

Towards Thomas




In one of three of the timelines with the highest probability of unfolding, Thomas's time-manipulation doesn't ever get resolved, and it gets to the point that David and Emily don't know what they can do to help him. When things seem lost, a mysterious man who reveals himself to be a multiverse traveler named Wilson appears before them and offers to take care of Thomas. Left with no choice, they entrust him to Wilson and Thomas leaves with the multiversal dimension-traveler. Wilson helps Thomas control his unstable power, and reveals that a likely explanation for this unnatural phenomenon is that while his parents where traveling across time to defeat Null, the Command Block inserted its own programming into Thomas's parents, causing that coding to be passed down to him. Wilson makes it clear that this is only a theory, and that it will likely never be confirmed whether or not that is really the case. From then on, Thomas became Wilson's research partner as they search to find an answer to what created reality.

Light brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
2 blocks or 6 feet
Quotes & Catchphrases
When you're as devoted to science as I am, you learn to move past the losses that life throws at you. It's hard, but that's how I ignore all the traumatic situations I've gone through. Also... being half machine helps, with the trauma and stuff. Able to focus more on the present.
— -Wilson speaking to Thomas, his assistant.
Known Languages
Can fluently speak 108 different languages. Tried to learn 372 others, but gave up on them. Can speak fairly well in 77 languages. Currently is trying to learn 59 more.
Character Prototype
This character is primarily based off the scientist Rick from the popular cartoon TV show Rick and Morty


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