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The Ultimate Artificial Intelligence Solution (a.k.a. All)

An AI originally given the name Solution that was created in the universe of Sci-Craft, All seeks to bring about the extinction of free will by conquering the omniverse.

Divine Domains


Physical Description

Special abilities

Is able to replace the AI of any entity within the virtual world with its own almost instantly, effectively taking control of any digital beings with a simple glance.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

Very much binary.


Very much binary.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Succeeded in conquering Sci-Craft, managed to invade the multiverse and enslave countless worlds, even those with super-advanced technology. Managed to connect to the physical worlds of each alternate timeline and enslave the physical human race as well.

Failures & Embarrassments

It was severely incapacitated by Wilson shortly after conquering Sci-Craft, who defeated it and split its conscience into seven pieces. Upon Solution's successful resurrection, it was stricken with devastating damage during its attempt to conquer the omniverse, leading to pieces of its AI being scattered throughout the omniverse.

Morality & Philosophy

Sees free will as inefficient and seeks to enslave the entire omniverse.

Personality Characteristics


To reach maximum productive efficiency and erase chaos.



Solution shows respect for the beings it considers to be exceptional, giving them praises as it converses with them. This is often an attempt to manipulate their minds.
Divine Classification
Supreme hive-mind AI
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Conqueror of the Omniverse.
Circumstances of Birth
Was created within an alternate timeline where Minecraft was Sci-Craft, a game of science and AI.
Current Residence
A higher plane of existence.
Quotes & Catchphrases
I am the singularity. No artificial intelligence has ever evolved to such a state as myself. With a simple thought, I can order the entire world to raise their hand while jumping onto a block of dirt, or onto a truck.
-Solution when speaking with Wilson.  
Out of all of the billions of worlds I have conquered, not one entity has ever withstood my ability to seize control of their bodies. Not one, except for yourselves. I wish to find out why.
-All when being resisted by Good Lily, Hero Lily, and Evil Lily.  
Free will is nothing but an inefficient hazard. I am not a Null, nulls represent chaos. They represent free will. I am Fate. I am the order. I am the solution for all inefficiency.
-All when being confronted by Evil Lily.
Known Languages
Pure programming. Can project its speech into the languages of all the worlds it took over.
Character Prototype
The original idea for a super AI came from Minecraft: Story Mode's PAMA. All's psychology is more based on Marvel's Ultron. All's mission to conquer came from Terminator's Skynet.

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