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Captain Satasha Blast Lavaridge

Born the daughter of the dictator of TN-Town, Satasha was always surrounded by selfish people. She was constantly exposed to corrupt politicians who actively prevented the people from having a voice. When TN-Town eventually fell to The Purge War, the people of the city split into multiple different gangs, many of which became bandits and pirates. Satasha was no exception, using her strong political position to become the leader of her own pirate gang that pillaged for profit.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Physically healthy and strong.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

When she was seventeen, Satasha's home, TN-Town-the capitol of the griefer faction-was conquered by the illagers. Her dad, the dictator of TN-Town, was forced to work under Lucian as his general in order to save his and his daughter's life. When The Purge War came to an end, the illagers, in their final desperate assault on the human population, carried out a mass killing spree to cause as much damage as possible before they were killed off. Satasha's father was killed, but Satasha managed to escape the genocide, but TN-Town fell to the attack. After the event, Satasha took control of a group of griefers fleeing the destruction, and became a gang of pirates.   Two years after, Satasha's gang learned of two members of the Diamond faction's royal family traveling across the Overworld. After some time of hunting them, they managed to capture one of them, capturing Nataliq and Donald-the latter of whom they wrongfully assumed to be part of the royal family. They had plans to sell them off to Diamond Kingdom at a high price for their safety, but before they could take action, a spider named David successfully freed their hostages, and the team managed to escape the pirates.   Months later, rumors of portals into an unusual dimension known as the Nether were spread, and Satasha caught on to them. Led on by the prospect of untold riches, she had her gang build a portal into the Nether, and the group were immediately captured by a race of pig people that would come to be known as the Piglins. They were all tossed into prisons within the piglins' bastions. Some time later, David himself was tossed into the prison cell she was in, and she met him in person for the first time. Initially, she tried to get him to reveal his true motives for putting on a heroic facade, but came to realize that it wasn't a facade, that David genuinely wanted to prevent people from suffering as he had. The two of them worked together to break out of the prison and free her fellow pirates, and then went their separate paths.   Later, she rescued David from a bounty hunter named Todd Borou to repay her debt to him.

Failures & Embarrassments

Failed to save her father


Has a soft spot for young children that she keeps hidden from the other pirates. She won't allow children to be harmed under her care.

Personality Characteristics


To get rich.

Virtues & Personality perks

She doesn't let herself fall into depression because she's always looking for the light of a situation. This makes her hard to demoralize.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Four years older than David
Light blue
Quotes & Catchphrases
Nothing's ever been personal until I don't get paid.

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