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Barnard's Star Habitat Complex

The Barnard's Star Habitat Complex is a large spaceborne habitat in orbit of the planet Barnard's Star II. It is administered by the United Nations of Earth, who have designated it a fortress habitat. The habitat is divided into two sections: a civilian section, and a military base named Fort Webb. In addition to fleet facilities for the United Nations Naval Forces, it also contains a large garrison of the United Nations Planetary Forces.

The habitat's economy revolves around its military personnel, with large numbers of homes for military families and commercial sectors to support them. In addition, there is a large entertainment district on the habitat that caters to the military personnel when they are permitted off-base. The habitat is also home to the Barnard's Star Military Academy, which trains a significant number of military officers each year, and trains UN military personnel in zero-g combat. Finally, the habitat is defended by a large shield generator, as well as the fleet based in the system.
Fortress Habitat
Alternative Names
Fort Webb
Orbital, Station
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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