The Outbound Launch System

The Outbound Launch System was created in 4852 CE. It was built to help get ships to other systems faster than lightspeed. Without the system it would take months to travel in FTL. Travelling between Midgard and Ganesh without the OLS would take about 2 months and 12 days. When the OLS is used it takes hours. How many hours depends on the weight of the ship. The heavier the ship the longer it takes. In fact it is heavily recommended that single piloted vessels do not use the OLS. Smaller ships are harder to register in the system when they are launched.   The OLS uses rings to help push the object in motion faster and faster until it is at a point where it is no longer able to be viewed by the naked eye. or any part of the light spectrum. The rings keep track of the object no matter how fast it is going. Once it has approached the third of the last rings it slows down. Not all at once mind you. It is a gradual process between it and the last two rings. There are two stations located on each planet. One being the outbound lane and the other being the inbound lane.


Starting with the station. The person on shift picks between which ring system to launch the ship in the starting ring. Each Ring system leads to a different planet. Once locked in The ship is launched at FTL speeds. Gaining speed with each ring passed. Since data on how this is achieved was lost, most people don't remember what happens to the ship while in these rings.


Access & Availability
Almost widely used by the public. Though it does still cost a lot for maintenance and repairs. So those that don't own spaceships probably don't use it often. Even rentals are expensive.
Unfortunately during the God War most data on how it was created was destroyed. Due to unfortunate circumstances.. yes that it.


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20 Dec, 2018 16:04

Shows promise to me. You could go into more details about the history of the rings and why the details for them were redacted . A bit of information about the inner mechanics as well as flaws could be good as well . Still nice job and keep up the work!

20 Dec, 2018 16:15

Thank you I will definitely be doing that

20 Dec, 2018 21:13

I like the plot hooks that it creates. And to not spoil myself, I won't ask anything about its origin and functionality. How do people maintain and repair it if they don't know how it works though? And one thing to consider: a list of inventors would usually have them written as - well - a list. Like, with bullet points. Right now, the redacted part looks like it was a continuous text. Try doing it like this:

20 Dec, 2018 21:17

oh okay. hmm. i was thinking about that. and i would have to create multiple redacts then to do that. that is a good point. thank you