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Zobeck Government

Lord Mayor

The sitting Consuls choose the from among their peers to serve a 10-year term, though most have held the position for life. The Lord Mayor oversees the administration of justice by appointing all Zobeck’s judges, establishing and provisioning the army, appointing all knight-commanders of the Citadel, and commanding the Free City’s militant orders—except the paladins of the Order of the Undying Sun.

Free City Council

The Revolt’s leaders created the Free City Council to administer the city as the Praetorian Council should have done. Its standing Consul members were citizens who helped lead the Revolt and who held strong interests in the city: mostly guildmasters, priests, and even kobolds. The Council is charged with ensuring the welfare of the city and its citizens, protecting Zobeck from all threats to its freedom, and maintaining the flow and profitability of commerce within the Free City.


Lord Mayor Free City Council

Subsidiary Organizations
Notable Members

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