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A red and gold quartered shield with a gear on it, counterchanged


Free Mayor Constantia Olleck and the Free City Consuls

Free City Consuls:

  • Guildmaster of the Arcane Collegium Orlando
  • Field Marshall of the Free Army Sir Jorun Haclav
  • Ondli Firedrake, First Consul and High Priest of Rava Among the Dwarves and Volund
  • Quetelmak, Kobold King of Kings
  • Radovar Streck, Lector of the Collegium
  • Melancha Vendemic
  • Kekolina of the Derry Mine
  • Myzi I, Mouse King
  • Lady Wintesla Marack, master merchant of House Marack
  • Halsen Hrovitz IV, master merchant of House Hrovitz
  • Selena Harbeck, Guildmistress of the Weaver’s Guild

Important Peronages:

  • Lord Commander of the Free Army of Zobeck and Keeper of the Blue House Lady Fenyll Marack  
  • Master Necromancer Konrad von Eberfeld
  • Master Illusionist Ariella Scarpetti
  • Master Diviner Rudwin Whitstone
  • Sir Janush Hermass Commander of the Order of the Undying Sun
  • Sir Malkus Lineguard, Commander of the Order of Griffon Knights
  • Lucca Angeli, High Priestess of Lada
  • Medlin Gorzax, High Priest of Perun
  • Lena Ravovik, High Priestess of Rava Among the Humans
  • Lord Volstaff Greymark, Master of Coin and prominent wool merchant
  • His Excellency Ambassador Glaninin Thelamandrine


16,000 (12,000 humans; 850 dwarves; 2,800 kobolds; 200 gearforged; 150 other)


  • Neuraddel, population 4,320 (4,300 humans, 20 gearforged)
  • Obersteinau, population 3,200 (1,200 humans, 2,000 kobolds)
  • Vesslau Mines population 2,800 (all kobolds)
  • Altbach, population 2,200 (2,000 humans, 200 dwarves)


Great Gods:

  • Rava (patron)
  • Lada
  • Perun
  • Holda
  • Svarog


  • Map of Zobeck

Cover image: by Doug Wohlfeil


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