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Perhaps the least-understood group of gangsters and thugs in Zobeck are the followers of the Red Mask, commonly called the Redcloaks. They work primarily by night, and everyone knows they include both humans and kobolds in their ranks. Most members of the City Watch assume the Redcloaks are a kobold gang from the Ghetto.
Much less widely known, for obvious reasons, is the Redcloaks use the profits from smuggling and banditry to fuel their deeper purpose of expanding the cult of Mammon, the arch-devil of wealth and greed. This group of gangsters has a huge bankroll with enough money to hire all the mercenaries, assassins, alchemists, forgers, and other specialists they require.
Some even say shape-shifters, warlocks-for-hire, and priestesses of the Red Goddess serve the Redcloaks, but this may be nothing more than bluster and rumormongering.


You can exert leverage over one or more individuals below you in the guild’s hierarchy and demand their help as needs warrant. For example, you can have a message carried across a neighborhood, procure a short carriage ride without paying, or have others clean up a bloody mess you left in an alley.

Red Mask leads the Redcloacks in secret. They, and a group advisers, run the organization in hidden dens. The advisers pass down instructions to their respective syndicates, who in turn, pass instructions to the crews.

Renown (Sewer Rats) 1
Illicit, Gang
Red Mask
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

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