Prophet's Dynasty Setting Introduction

The millennia-old Great Dynasty of the Sovereign Rulers crumbled due to the actions of a certain few Primordial Elementals, several specific mortals and immortals, and four incredibly powerful individuals: The so-called Prophets. Individuals who had been considered worthy and chosen by Primordial Elementals who, thanks to certain events a few hundred years earlier, had become ethereal in form and prohibited from taking physical form.  

The First Calling

At the end of the First Calling, two Primordial Elementals had become imprisoned, either as an intended part of an elaborate plan or due to an unexpected consequence: A daughter's intense feeling of betrayal for what a father thought was best for his child. But the real danger still lingered, and it was a threat that could not be fought by ordinary means. It stayed in the shadows and stroked silently all lifeforms with a blade of primordially created sickness. An invisible blight upon the world. But not all curses are created with ill intent.  

The Fourth Calling
Present Time

Nearly two thousand years later, the Fourth Calling is at the horizon. Unrest sprouts up among the world's major nations, organizations and its corresponding individuals.
Will these new godlike chosen few, guided by both fellow mortals and the Primordials who constantly watch through their eyes, bestow upon the civilizations of Mésvéstell a new era of enlightenment or bring upon another dark age?  
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Name of Setting, Full
Prophet's Dynasty
Name of Setting, Short
Settings Connected, Future
Unknown Horizons
Craesto Welk.
Settings Connected, Alterations
Mésvéstell Omekra.
Mésvéstell Jothamé.
Genre of Setting
Science Fantasy.
High Fantasy.
Medium Magic.
Characters Connected
Erranda Elmehäll.
Avaneus Lesterr.
Anna Pestrea
Codina Sarno Cara Alvmyr.
Species Connected
Mésvéstellian Humans.
Mésvéstellian Vampires.
Mésvéstellian Alfar.

Future Eras of Mésvéstell


Alterations of Mésvéstell

Mésvéstell Alterations
Geographic Location | Apr 14, 2022

A short introduction on the various Mésvéstell Alterations.


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