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Huran's Worst Artist Award

A winning prize for the annual Hurani Art Festival arranged by House Arinset.

Winning Criteria

To earn the Worst Artist Award, one must possess extraordinary talent. Yes, talent. It takes talent to create something so terrible that it is selected for this prize out of thousands of entries. And not only does the piece need to be selected by the judges, the Worst Artist Award, unlike the other prizes of the festival, has an additional decision stage in which the public also votes for their choice.

This practice was introduced nearly a decade ago when the selected Worst Artist claimed that the judges' decision was biased because of a personal rivalry. To avoid such accusations, House Arinset invited the public to cast their own votes, which has become part of the voting procedure ever since. Only when the judges' and public's votes are in accordance does the unfortunate artist earn this offensive title. As a result, some years do not see anyone earn the Worst Artist Award at all.


Alongside the winning prize, the Worst Artist Award was first created by Lord Arinset nearly three decades ago after seeing a portrait of himself that was "truly deserving of its own special category." The decision to introduce a Worst Artist title has since been criticized for going against the friendly and encouraging spirit of the festival, but it has remained a traditional part of the competition regardless.
Uncommon. Only one is awarded per year.
45cm x 25cm

Recently, Shalham Mordoram has won the Worst Artist Prize a record-breaking four years in a row.


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Feb 9, 2024 14:45 by Lady Arsenik

I love this so much. I like to imagine it takes just as much effort to create bad art as it does to create good art.

Feb 10, 2024 08:05

Yes, at least even the bad artists are getting some sort of recognition(?) for their efforts too! And the Hurani are competitive enough to actually compete for this prize as well :D   Thank you for reading!