aka: Davron Ellonous


The Unbreakable One

One day, a young baby boy was dropped off at the gates of the Vinchu monastery in the white desert. The event was considered extraordinary not just because the baby survived the blinding snow and harsh environment, but also because whoever dropped him off was able to find the monastery considering it’s hard to reach location. It was clear that someone wanted him to be raised in Vinchu. The monks decided to name this baby boy Davron Ellonous. Davron, which means “Unbreakable One,” because he survived the frigid snow and ice for several hours before they found him. Ellonous, which means “Without History,” because they knew nothing about him.   It was only the epouranal in residence, High Mage Elizabeth Florentine, who suspected that this child would play a great role in the history of the world and that he was destined to do great things.   Davron was the only child to ever grow up in Vinchu. As such, he was privileged. The monks became quite fond of him and took very good care of him. They gave him the finest education and though they tried not to sway his decision, it was not unexpected that he chose the path of a mind mage. Davron, wanted more than anything to be like the monks he so idolized.   Because he had lived at Vinchu all his life, he was already familiar with the special teachings and practices of the monks. As a result, it took him little time to master the well-guarded secret mentus techniques that were passed down from generation to generation at Vinchu. It was no surprise that at age 19, Davron was indoctrinated into the brotherhood of Vinchu monks. As is their custom, when one becomes a monk, you give up one of your names. Davron choose to give up “Ellonous,” because he no longer wanted to be someone “without history”  

Destiny Unraveled

Davron lived the lifestyle of the monks of Vinchu for several years and even trained other mentants and mind mages who came to the monastery seeking the Vinchu way. He was happy and content except for one thing that seemed to nag at him: he was obsessed with finding his place in the world. He felt that because he knew nothing about who he really was or where he came from, he could not truly find purpose.   With the monks unable to help with this and no other place to turn, Davron buried himself in research, spending days at a time in the monastery library looking for something that could help him. Much of the library’s ancient documents were written in long lost languages so he dedicated himself to learning them all so that he could translate them.   One day, his research was reward when he found an ancient prophetic scroll about the transition of each error that included, among other things, one that seemed to pertain specifically to him: “A child orphaned to the snow, a name unknown, soon known by all. An ancient power, his to find, and in the end a new era born.”   Seeing this further fueled his desire to find his purpose in life so he decided that the only way to do this was to leave Vinchu and pursue his destiny. One of his apprentices, Jansdimion Clayton decided to go with him. He left in secret, not telling the monks of his decision, so that they would not try to stop him.  

The Traveling Mind Mages

Davron left the White Desert and traveled from town to town. Because he had never been outside of the monastery there were many things, he was unaccustomed to, like needing money to accomplish things. Jansdimion served as his guide and benefactor in the beginning. Having been a well-paid mind mage serving the government in Marshroot, he had secured a large amount of traveling funds before making his journey to Vinchu.   He brought Davron with him back to Marshroot only to discover that it was in the midst of a massive, brutal civil war. This was Davron’s first taste of the harsh reality that plagued parts of the world. While the war ragged on, homelessness, famine, and poverty were rampant and people were left to fend for themselves, some dying in the streets, while others were refugees without any place to go to escape the war. Seeing this firsthand was a jarring experience. He wanted to help but he soon realized how powerless he truly was even as a mind mage and mentant monk.   After leaving Marshroot, the pair traveled extensively, but it soon became apparent to Davron that life all over the world was plagued with the same problems. Even small towns that reminded him so much of his home were plagued with decades long conflicts were people died needlessly. It seemed war was rampant everywhere. His eyes were opened in that first year of travel.   He wondered why things were so awful. He’d learned about the Fantasma, guardians, epouranals and sunnin social system all while he lived in Vinchu. Where were these pillars of world leadership and what were they doing?   During his travels he did see the distinctive purple robed guardians on occasion. In war zones they would try to help the people who were caught in the crossfire. He learned that guardians were forbidden from participating in either side of a war, so when the cities or nations they protected were in battle, they served only to protect the non-combatants and nothing else. Though he found this admirable, it was also frustrating. A guardian’s power alone could end a war in a few seconds, but they were bound to serve their roles as dictated by the Fantasma. There were also too few of them to really be of much help in the chaos of a warzone. In the end he felt their power was being wasted, tied up by bureaucracy.   It was his chance meeting with another epouranal outside of Vinchu that shook Davron’s preconceived notions about world leadership to its core. While visiting Ellenon, the peaceful kingdom of elves, he met High Mage Alberto Elheart, the Trinnadea Epouranal Mage. Ellenon was a prosperous country that existed for thousands of year without war. It was also said that the Lumio Epouranal Mage, who was almost always elf-born, stayed in residence within the country. Davron concluded that this was one of the reasons why the country prospered so much and was not plagued with war. After all Vinchu also had an epouranal in residence and they lived in peace in harmony as well. He asked Elheart about this, confused as to why he didn’t use his power and influence to spread peace further than the nations boundaries since there were several towns at war just beyond the Kingdom of Ellenon.   Sadly, Elheart’s response was to disabuse him of his way of thinking, citing that Ellenon was not at peace because of him but rather, he was able to live there because Ellenon was able to remain in relative peace. If this were not so, the epouranal mage would not choose to stay in residence there. Ellenon, though not actively at war with other domains still had much internal conflict and strife that caused constant upheaval, however Elheart stayed out of these conflicts.   Elheart told Davron that it was up to the peoples of the world to choose how they wanted to live, whether in war or in peace. He, and the other epouranals were merely guides and prophets. It was not their role or purpose to solve the problems of the world.   Davron became enraged by this answer. There were so many people with supernal power granted to them by the heavens who could change the entire course of the world in a matter of months, but none of them seemed inclined to do so. What was the purpose of having power if they did nothing to help? Meanwhile Davron wanted to help, but even as a mind mage and extremely powerful mentant monk, he could do little in the way of changing the world.   It was then that Davron remembered the prophecy. Could this be what it was speaking about? Was it his destiny to find the power he needed to change the world and usher in a new era of peace? With this conviction burned into his heart, he continued his travels but with renewed purpose. He wanted to try to help people in any way that he could and learn even more powerful mentus so that he could do so.   It was shortly after this that he gained a new traveling companion, Gamdon Barkwick, an accomplished quickener. Davron saved Gamdon’s granddaughter during a battle in his hometown and impressed the retired quickener with his goals and ambitions. He decided to become Davron’s personal quickener to aid him in his travels. For almost two years the trio traveled around together becoming somewhat renowned for their exploits. Davron began to gain even more allies and admirers along the way.   It wasn’t long before fate would lead him to a way to fulfill his desire to change the world.  

Weapons & Abilities

Mentant Monk: As a mentant monk of the Vinchu sect, Davron knows the ancient mentant art of adimus and mentus energy manipulation, that is the ability to read the information in mentus commands and ‘rewrite” it.   This can mean dispelling another person’s mentus, enhancing mentus or adimus energy, and much more. It makes it significantly harder to use mentus on him, and in addition, gives him access to much stronger mentus abilities. However, unlike a melder, Davron is unable to manipulate any other type of energy.   Guild License:
  • Mentant Sword (Class A) – Proficient
  • Sword (Class B) – Proficient
  • Staff (Class D) – Proficient


Jansdimion Clayton

Friend / Confidant

Towards Davron



Friend / Confidant

Towards Jansdimion Clayton



Jansdimion regards Davron very highly despite the fact that Davron is younger than him. He knows and respects that Davron is far more talented in mentus having growing up in the Vinchu monistary. In the same vein, Davron has a very high respect for Jansdimion's strategic prowess and worldly knowledge. He often depends on Jansdimion to fill in the gaps when he takes decisive action with little planning.   Because neither had any siblings, Jansdimion and Davron often see each other as brothers despite the age gap. However as the general under Davron's leadership, Jansdimion is highly respectful. Despite their closeness, Jansdimion always tends to be very formal and subservant toward the leader he idolizes.

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Age 32
Race Human
Gender Male
Height 5’7” (1.71m)
Build Lanky
Complexion Pale
Eyes Brown
Hair Short, sleek black
Mendalian Ranks
Adimus Rank Mind Mage
Guild Rank Warrior
Hometown Vinchu
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