The Mistspire

Inspired by Summercamp 2020 prompt

Up the river from Kin Akaru, to the hills and small mountains; there alone against the sky stands the mysterious, lone tower known as the Mistspire. This crooked Tower seems to gather clouds and mist around it, strange considering its high location, and some say that morning mists crawl down from the high hill and creep back there as the sun rises.

This spooky tower houses the brotherhood of Mistspire, strange group on individuals that wear masks in public, gather secrets and wisdom just to lock them away to their eerie tower. Are they friend or foe, is the forever asked question about those of the brotherhood, but their unusual choice of location has definitely stolen imagination of the locals, and many horror stories told by the simple folk are constructed around its intimidating presence.

Purpose / Function

The Mistspire is the house of the Mistspire brotherhood, and home of the secrets so numerous that no mortal can ever contain it all. Or that is how the story goes. Those looking for secret information and want to train in forbidden arts come to the Mistspire, looking for the favour of the Brotherhood to get a sliver of their knowledge and skills.


Main building is a tall, rectangular tower with corners cut, making the direction of the building a square-like octagon. The base of the building is thick, gradually tapering toward the top in stair-like fashion. The roof is shaped into a shaped dome, with incarnate structures hard to make out at the base of the building due the clouds and fog gathering around the building.

Circling the main building stands a maze-like structure of walls, seemingly non-sensical and covered by runes from several different writing systems. Several statues of varying sizes have been erected in a haphazardous way on the Tower grounds, some facing the walls of the structures, others the traveller passing by with very little logic in there placing.

Sensory & Appearance

The ever-present mist doesn't seem to react on the rest of the environment. Not only that, the air feels constantly cooler and sky darker on the grounds of the tower, with the smell of rain always present.

Parent Location
Environmental Effects
Constant fog, Dim light
Owning Organization


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3 Aug, 2020 15:39

Ohhh, the idea of the ever-present mist is really cool. I have such a good visual of the tower from your description!

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