Tatharlyn Felcoren

Tatharlyn Felcoren (a.k.a. Lyn)

Tatharlyn is an elf boy of mixed heritage. He studies to become a proper wizard.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity



He's been working under a war mage lady Maralya Dharasha and he greatly appreciates her for taking him in and teaching him the arcane arts, even when the lady of the house can sometimes be quite scary...

Mental Trauma

He is calm and gentle, and too apologetic of his sole existence. His different looks have caused him some trouble and caused him to be extremely submissive and somewhat ashamed of his parentage due to having been called by names and treated differently than everyone else. He tries his best to make up for his mongrel blood by behaving as well as possible. He yearns for acceptance and acknowledgement, even when he doesn't reallu understand that himself.

Intellectual Characteristics

He's a smart boy who prefers books over people. As an aspiring wizard he has read a lot, but doesn't yet have read too much for the knowledge to restrain him and his thought process.


Family Ties

Mother Cinna Felcoren (177), father unknown wood elf. Grandfather Tanithil Felcoren (322), and grandma Ilyana (281). Uncle Eilaver (163).   Stepfather Thearnlan Kelythadre (255), horse trainer. Step-grandfather Laeroth (419), and grandmother Shenarah (472). Uncle Aerendyl (286) and aunt Ciliren (306).


Maralya Dharasha


Towards Tatharlyn Felcoren


Tatharlyn Felcoren


Towards Maralya Dharasha


Averel Velwyn

House gardener for teacher

Towards Tatharlyn Felcoren


Tatharlyn Felcoren

Student of employer

Towards Averel Velwyn




Towards Tatharlyn Felcoren


Tatharlyn Felcoren


Towards "Bee"



Bee and Tatharlyn met in first of Jan, 4047, as Tatharlyn was having a ride with his horse Seharan at the Shorilyran beach.   First meeting, 1st of Jan 4047

Seharan sensed an odd presence in the beach, and Tatharlyn found "Bee" inside a cave next to the shoreline. Tatharlyn learned that Bee had been disowned by her tribe for accidentally causing a forest fire, terrible crime amongst her people. Not sure what to do or where to go, Bee was searching only thing she knew outside of her home forest: the nomadic wood elves.   As Tatharlyn was the only wood elf -looking individual in the premises, Bee had been watching him from afar, but not sure how to approach him. Tatharlyn agreed to help her for a while to learn light spell so she wouldn't need to use torches (and fear for another fire). He also agreed to help her to stay hidden for a while before she would continue on.   Bee gifted Tatharlyn a pouch of brightly colored pottery shards. These shards attract crows to do small favors to the person that gift them one. Tatharlyn found Bee a safe place to stay in an abandoned barn near the city for time being.

Nicknames & Petnames

As "Bee" doesn't have an actual name, her alias is mostly just to make Tatharlyn more comfortable. As Bee is still getting used to names, she is calling Tatharlyn as "Lyn".

Young wizard of mixed blood trying to find his place in the world.

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Current Location
Year of Birth
3969 AoS 78 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
He was somewhat a surprise -or at least unplanned- baby. Tatharlyn doesn't know his biological father.
Town of Chashaar
Current Residence
Dharasha residence, in Shorilyran
Red and blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
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