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Bleeding ritual

Warning. This article deals with topic of ritualistic selfharm for religious purposes.

Among the Children of The Dancer there is a common practice among faithful to let blood as show of devotion. While practice is mostly voluntary, it is also considered part of the coming of age ritual known as The Offering.


The practice of bleeding goes back to G'eldefryn Moondancer and the myths about The Moondancers & the Shadowblades. According to legends, G'eldefryn Moondancer would cut herself and bleed instead of sacrificing more slaves to Lloth to show defiance to the Spider Queen and strenght of character for Eilistraee.

After G'eldefryn Moondancer had passed, ritualistic bleeding was used by some of her followers to show their respects to her memory. As time went by, it would eventually become a religious practice that both showed the strength of one's character, respect to the history of The Children and a form of worship.


The ritual can be performed both privately or during prayer in religious ceremonies. While reading a mantra, participants either by themselves or with someone else's assistance will cut thin, clean wounds to their skin on non-lethal areas, typically around the upper arms. Cuts should be deep enough to give some blood, but not too deep to cause any significant injury.

During the cutting, the participant should avoid any signs of pain. Blood is let to run for a moment, to signify that the participant is giving their blood willingly and on their terms.

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