Awar Yerzhan Khamet

High Priest of Mystra Awar Yerzhan Khamet

Mental characteristics


Awar was taught by the finest teachers and strategists, as he was the next in line to become a sultan of Jubar. Yet, that didn't happen, and in the end he had lot to learn after his sudden career change to a more clerical role. He still thinks himself less educated than he should be, but there are no others to take on the title of the High Priest of Mystra.


Awar became The High Priest of Mystra only on accident, which was not even his own fault. The accident, which took the lives of many innocent people and destroyed a temple of Mystra, brought forth some changes in him and the blessing which had been bestowed on his forefathers activated and forced him to protect the innocent. He prayed for aid and Mystra heard his plea. Due to no other eligible priests to step up on the pedestal and take the title of The High Priest, he had to do that. He seems to think that the ordeal is also a personal way to repent for his and his father's sins.


Family Ties

Religious Views

From a young age, the fear of gods was instituted into his mind, yet he wasn't overly religious before his sudden call to the priesthood by Mystra, the Goddess of Magic. Now he's the high priest of Mystra, as there was no other eligible person for the role at the time, as the great temple of Mystra in Jibbad had been destroyed and all other priests and priestesses had perished.

Social Aptitude

Awar is socially competent and pleasant to be around. He has knack of the court dynamics and the peasant life, both, and knows how to handle a person, were they an emir or a beggar, in the same dignified way.

Hobbies & Pets

He has a hawk familiar, who he calls by the name Altan. Altan often acts as his eyes and ears when he's not able to be present himself.

The High Priest of Mystra and religious advisor extraordinaire. He can also stab you if you're not careful...

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Rafibar, in Jubar
Presented Sex
Bright golden yellow
Black, with few white hair
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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