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The Uoideaiud are a 10-limbed, low-slung species primarily known for being the second most populous demographic in the Orr Confederation, as well as being the species with the highest known native gravity at roughly 4.2g.

Basic Information


The Uoideaiud have a thin body up to two meters long which is supported close to the ground by four pairs of powerful legs. Their forelimbs are asymmetrical, with one side being specialized for lifting heavy objects and the other for precise manipulation.

Genetics and Reproduction

Uoideaiud are sequentially hermaphroditic.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Uoideaiud typically carry long, poetic names. Some propose that this tradition has arisen due to their contact with the Orr in an attempt to imitate the sometimes very complex Orr names, however the exact origins are unclear.


Largely due to their high-gravity homeworld, the Uoideaiud did not develop significant spaceflight capabilities themselves until their planet was visited by the Orr, which were for some time viewed as messengers from the gods by significant religious groups. They were only admitted into the Orr Confederation after developing their own interstellar spaceflight capabilities.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

The Uoideaiud, likely due to their early contact, hold the Orr in extraordinarily high regard, in some cases almost worshipping them. Like in other cultures, the word used to refer to the Orr is not endonymic, in the case of the Uoideaiud the most commonly used term translates to "masters".   Many Uoideaiud serve as aides to Orr and help ease interactions between them and other species. In some cases, this leads to them gaining a reputation as servants or even slaves to the Orr, however the actual relationship is fairly equal and the Orr actively discourage unquestioning subservience.

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