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Founding Member of the Orr Confederation

The Orr are a spacefaring species allied with, but not member of the Unified Deep Space Administration. Orr are most well known for their exceptionally complex language.   The name generally used for the species is derived from a statement mistaken for the species name due to autotranslator issues during the first contact with the species. The word "Yo[3i'(8)4i5i]" (see language article for pronounciation) in the Orr Language actually refers to the number of different species living within the territory of the Orr Confederation.   The actual name the species uses for itself is Yo[1u]lvé ("species which creates harmonic sound"), though this is a more recent name. Before encountering other sentient species, the common term was simply Yo[5i] (roughly "our species"), however this was abandoned since it led to confusion with the advent of translations from documents of other species.

Basic Information


Orr have a relatively normal laterally symmetric four-limbed body plan, but unlike most spacefaring civilizations they use their upper limbs for locomotion and their lower limbs for fine manipulation. The locomotory limbs usually form a fairly wide stance, about equally wide as the overall height of the individual.   This body plan makes it fairly difficult for Orr to interact with USDA constructions and ships, which is one of the primary reasons the species has not joined the UDSA.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Orr have exceptionally good auditory perception. They are able to parse minute variations in frequency of multiple different sounds at the same time over a wide frequency range. They are also able to consciously perceive the timing between sounds with exceptional accuracy. All this allows them to employ a type of echolocation, though they only rarely do so and most Orr are not very practiced in it.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Since the Orr Language allows (and requires) explicit marking of names, naming in Orr culture is extremely freeform. This is compounded by the fact that there is a clear distinction between names of different classes of concepts. Orr will therefore often use very conceptual, simple names that translate to things like "patience", "harmony", "dedication", or "inspiration". There are also some records of truly bizarre Orr names, likely chosen for their sound rather than meaning, the most notable being the former Orr ambassador to the UDSA wHo[1u]Yzöo[2ü3i'(17)6i'] whose name translates to "absence of 17 hypothetical animal species".

Average Technological Level

The Orr reached a level of technology close to the UDSA on their own, and since signing contracts with the administration have conducted extensive technology sharing programs. Orr technology is particularly advanced in the area of data transmission and compression.   Since most Orr computers rely heavily on audio input and output, they can be near-impossible to operate for other species not possessing as sophisticated auditory perception and vocal tracts, however it is relatively common that alternate input methods are provided on computers which are intended to be used by multiple individuals.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Orr languages co-evolved with their complex auditory system. They usually involve generating multiple tones simultaneously at precise timings, making them incomprehensible to other species. Autotranslators are capable of both interpreting and producing these languages, but often incur significantly more latency compared to other languages.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Orr are generally pacifistic, preferring to use diplomatic solutions wherever possible. Their alliance with the UDSA allows them to avoid even building weapons as their territory is protected by being surrounded with allied territory. They treat the other species under the Orr Confederation with great respect and usually ensure buildings are mostly accessible to smaller species.
The Orr's self-given name in their native language.
200-260 earth years
Average Height

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