Skyfarer Foundation

Learn from history or be doomed to repeat those mistakes.
— from the personal memcron logs of Captain Wanda Gomes Ramos, of the strike cruiser H.G.S. Stalwart, and inspiration for the Skyfarer Foundation
In the climatic battle that brought down the Lich Lord KILLJOY and his Dark Horde, a wave of dark matter magics crashed on every world of the Coalition. Tesseract Gates went dark, entire worlds mutated by runaway magics.
Five hundred years later, the mercenary, Vaeril Petren, stumbled across the find of a lifetime. A hidden cache of High Guard Scout Corps ships sealed away in an underground ruin. The hulks had been partially gutted, their tesseract drives long gone, but the memcrons were intact.
Vaeril, being a trained technomancer, was able to reactivate the memcrons and gain access to the amassed lore stored there from before the Final War. Most were journals by the High Guard squadron leader, Captain Wanda Gomes Ramos, captain of the strike cruiser H.G.S. Stalwart. Those records shed new light on Vaeril’s view of the world.
Recruiting some close allies, he returned to the location more than once. Together they unlocked more of the journals, maps and records. They realized just how radically the world, the worlds, had been warped five hundred years before. At just how much knowledge had been lost that could help people today against slavers, and oppressive groups like the Binders Guild.
So they devised a plan.

An Ambitious Undertaking

We’re loyal to history, to the work, and most of all to each other. Because on an expedition, you have to work together...
— Vaeril Petren, founder of the Skyfarers
Converting the secret cache of High Guard ships and the surrounding ruin into Primehold the main guild hall and headquarters, they gathered like-minded mercenaries. These were adventurers with specialties from technomancy to gear mongering and more. They formed a new group, a guild set on recovering the lost knowledge from the Worlds Before to help people finally understand and rebuild.
Everyone knew the stories. The legends of the Coalition of Worlds, the Dark Horde, and their Final War have been retold over the centuries. But there were gaps. Missing pieces of history, important learning, lost to time.
Through their explorations, Skyfarers recover lost knowledge, relics and more. They bring them back for study to either the Primehold or to a local Lorehold. There the journals of the expeditions are bound, then reprinted for the public. Artifacts are kept safe for research and learning at Loreholds and the center of the guild, the Primehold.
In the following centuries, the Skyfarers have slowly grown with Loreholds scattered across the known lands, and just now onto rediscovered worlds.
Tomb raiders? Dungeon runners? Ha! I’ve heard it all. They’re just jealous we got there first and decide to… stay with me on this… actually share what we learn! So they make trouble for us. Color me shocked, right? Now, hand me that Mage Stone then stand back, I’m going to jump start this cracked memcron.
— Forge Marshal Hebedri Yulnoc

Organization of the Skyfarers

Skyfarers are based in Primehold or a Lorehold. Primehold is the main guild hall of the Skyfarers and their major research library. Loreholds are smaller holds, either outposts or guild houses scattered across the various lands, and even newly rediscovered worlds.
Most often there is only one Lorehold to a region or country. In particularly large areas, there may be two.
A Lorehold is managed by the local Skyfarer Man-At-Arms or Woman-At-Arms. This person is often a veteran Skyfarer and accomplished researcher in their own right. Usually, they have an interest to settle down and leave the dangerous field work for the younger members.
Since the rank is a onetime affair, former Man-At-Arms or Woman-At-Arms can take up the title of Forge Marshal. This allows them to act as an adviser to the current Man-At-Arms when needed.

To Become A Skyfarer

A person looking to join the Skyfarers can only apply at Primehold. The Foundation doesn’t discriminate, however they do screen each applicant before allowing them in as an apprentice. The life of a Skyfarer isn’t easy, nor simple.
Therefore, applicants are tested both physically and mentally. Forge Marshals are often the ones to perform the tests, and any additional training. They are also the ones to decide if an applicant can survive the rigors of Skyfarer life.
Those that pass may apprentice with a Skyfarer in good standing. Apprenticeship takes one year, during which the apprentice works in the field on expeditions with the Skyfarer to “learn the ropes” through mentorship and training by the Skyfarer. During this time, their apprentice is expected to compile their year of work into a research report.
That report is presented to the Skyfarers for review at the end of the year. This is the ‘graduation exam’ for the apprentice and the Skyfarers of the closest Lorehold perform the peer review. Given the training and care taken during mentorship, most apprentices graduate. Those that do not, are allowed to apprentice for a subsequent year.

Known By Their Symbol

Skyfarers, by and large, can purchase what they need from a Lorehold. However, there is no 'uniform’. Members are encouraged, if not expected, to equip themselves as they see fit for an expedition. However, there is one item common to all Skyfarers... the Star-Omni.
A Star-Omni looks like a dull brass, clamshell pocket watch. One side has the symbol of the Skyfarer Foundation, the other has their motto, "Truth, Explore, Discover". But when opened, enchanted runes activate the magical gems inside. This generates a blue, semi-transparent illusionary hologram of a working compass. It also maintains a map of the area around the Skyfarer up to 100 ft that the Skyfarer may use to help study an area.
Star-Omnis can, and have been, stolen for a variety of reasons. However, the devices must be recharged once every five days by reciting a specific enchanting mantra while turning the winding stem. This technique, along with the exact words, are taught to Skyfarers during their training. This technique and ritual is a secret among the members.

by CB Ash
Truth, Explore, Discover

Founding Date
501 PC
Guild, Professional
Alternative Names
Skyfarer, "Scrappy Little Scholar", "Rust Raider"
Predecessor Organization
Leader Title

Ranks of the Skyfarers

The Skyfarer Foundation has a relatively simple organization of five ranks: Skyfarers, Man-At-Arms/Woman-At-Arms, Forge Marshals, Executors, and the Sky Marshal.
All members of the Foundation are Skyfarers. They comprise the bulk of the members. Once apprentices graduate, they become Skyfarers. These are the adventuring mercenaries that are sent out to explore ruins, track down rumors, or take part in other expeditions or ventures.
A Man-At-Arms or Woman-At-Arms manages a Skyfarer Lorehold. These are usually highly experienced Skyfarers that coordinate expeditions and other field work by the members staying at the Lorehold. They are also considered the research lead on new devices, magics, and other tools used by the Skyfarers.
This position is elected through a vote by the members of a given Lorehold. They are elected for a term of three years. Once their term expires, they are not allowed to be elected again.
Forge Marshals
Once a person has held the title of Man-At-Arms, Woman-At-Arms, or Sky Marshal, they may take up the rank of Forge Marshal. Forge Marshals are the lead inventors, technicians for both mechanical and magical devices for the Skyfarers. They also assist in relic research when necessary.
Executors are a collection of Skyfarers that advise the Sky Marshal and work to manage issues between the Loreholds. They act as council and “second in command” regarding directions handed down from the Sky Marshal.
Executors are appointed by the Sky Marshal from a list of names nominated by the Loreholds.
Sky Marshal
The leader of the Skyfarers. This position, like a Man-At-Arms or Woman-At-Arms is elected as well. A Sky Marshal deals with issues and events that concern the Skyfarer Foundation as a whole. This could be dealing with governments or rival guilds, like the Binders.
The Sky Marshal has a slightly shorter term than the Man-At-Arms or Woman-At-Arms rank. They serve for two years and also are elected from among the general Skyfarers. Once a person has held this position once, they are no longer eligible to be elected again.

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