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Masters of Illuria

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Across the gulf of space,
around another star ...

At the end of the seventh millennium, the world of Illuria changed…

Nations, people, all were thrown into chaos as technology ran rampant over magic and nature in the name of progress. Behind this came the terror of the DARK HORDE, which took the lands by storm. Ravaged by pollution, torn apart by misguided science, the world was transformed into a twisted visage of itself. Societies and law collapsed.

Out of this maelstrom, there was hope …

NicKenna Korenold and Dr. Peter DuMoque led a band of heroes on a desperate bid to halt the destruction. Stealing inside the iron spiked walls of CASTLE KILLKEEP, they ambushed the master of the Dark Horde, the ancient horror known as LICH LORD KILLJOY.

Using an ancient dagger soaked in the waters of the Dead Swamp, the same dagger that created the Lich Lord, the heroes reversed the undeath ritual. Forgotten magics erupted, releasing the lives consumed by the Lich Lord. Now free, those souls turned on their tormentor.

But that was not the end …

In a last act of defiance, hidden devices set by KILLJOY activated upon his demise. Ancient spells and powerful technology detonated. Radiation, and wild magic rippled across the world, forever ripping the land apart. The surviving heroes left the ruins of CASTLE KILLKEEP, returning to what was left of their homelands to rebuild.

Now, five hundred years later …

New cultures and people emerge out of the ruins of the old. It’s a world of savage lands, lost technology, and rediscovered sorcery. A world split, with one side buried under pollution and clouds, called the Cursed Lands. The other is a land of light, free from the cursed Blight created by the Apocalypse. A world looking to learn from the past, and rebuild for the future.


  • Map of Illuria

    Illuria, the third planet of the Kovis system and the ancestral homeworld of many of the cultures and peoples in the system. It is an ancient world of advanced magic and science struggling to recover after an apocalyptic war five hundred years ago.