Kalas Pascal

Kalas Pascal is a male synthroid bounty hunter that works primarily in the Markovia Alliance and Illurian Midlands.   A successful bounty hunter, he took a job to track down a man named Richard Henry Van Helsing, locally known as 'Rick'. Working alongside his occasional partner Janala, they managed to track down Rick and an elderly woman named Aonaran, the pair attempted to capture Rick. Instead, Kalas wound up instead being captured.   Rick attempted to alter Kalas' core software but the synthroid auto-adaptive nature prevented this. Kalas did hold a grudge at first but when the group found themselves ambushed and outnumbered, Kalas volunteered to help. Kalas then learned what his former employer, the Huntsman, was actually planning to do. That cemented the synthroid's loyalty to Rick and Aonaran.  

Physical Description

  Kalas looks near-human, with light blue skin that has the trademark circuit patterns of a synthroid. His hair is a brown, almost chestnut color and his eyes a white-gold. If he uses any of his synthroid abilities, his circuits glow a soft purple.   Because he likes to travel light, Kalas prefers a plain, basic shirt, pants, and vest. Over that he wears a long coat that has a hood.   Kalas is skilled in many different weapons - and does carry a dagger in his belt - but his preferred weapon is the lightbow.
short, brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
light blue skin traced through with the typical gray circuits of a synthroid
180 lbs

Cover image: by Dreamstime Stock Art


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