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Aleric Wallia, Markgraf von Horstkopf

Aleric is the Margrave of Horstkopf. A man approaching 50 years of age, he has lived a full life, making a name for himself on the battlefield and the tournament grounds in his younger years, and as a builder and politician after his marriage to Alama. Aleric was especially noted as a castle and cathedral builder, though his free spending and generosity has caught up to him as of late, and he has run up substantial debts.   An additional difficulty is the Margrave's legacy. Though he has four sons, the eldest, Gunteric, is married to Gisela - a woman who appears to be barren, the second son, Vilaris, has acquired a reputation as a rogue, while the two younger sons pledged themselves to religious orders which require them to remain celibate (at least for a time). His daughter, Melisande, was only recently born. Though an unexpected child of his autumn years is a blessing, the Margrave must now worry about saving for her dowry, which he hopes he can do by arranging a successful marriage for Vilaris (or perhaps one of the other sons, if he can convince them to renounce the religious life). But complicating matters is the fact that tragedy struck right after Melisande's birth, as Alama died following the childbirth. Though he tries to attend to the work of running his estate and his realm, the Margrave has clearly received a heavy blow. The outbreak of the Plague, and the Totentanz two years ago have added to his headaches, and made him more and more retreat to his castle. The tolls he used to collect from trade have dried up as well.   Despite everything, the Margrave remains a giving soul. He has taken in laborers who served him faithfully, and tried to give their children a future. He usually tries to make room at his table for subjects or travelers who are in need of sustenance and shelter. For this reason, when he asks his children or servants for something, they usually try their best to do as he asks.
Late 40s
220 lbs.

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