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The Guild Gazette

The Guild Gazette is the independent 'newspaper of record' produced by the Navigator's Guild.


Editorial content for The Guild Gazette is sourced from writers in locations covered by the newspaper's journalists and does not represent the official opinions of the newspaper or the Guild as a whole. Otherwise, like their parent organization, the publishing houses of The Guild Gazette maintain a rigorous policy of political neutrality - even when an issue might adversely impact the Guild itself.   In addition to the desire to maintain high distribution numbers by avoiding unneccessarily polarizing content, this policy of journalistic objectivity serves a secondary purpose. As Guild members, businesspeople, and high-ranking members of national governments all read The Guild Gazette to keep abreast of current events, it behooves everyone for the paper to present information as accurately as possible so that readers can make informed decisions with regards to travel and commerce.

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Publication Status

The Guild Gazette has achieved wide distribution, purportedly possessing presses in every tesseract of the Manifold and, in particular, every cube in the Medial Tesseract. Daily or nightly distribution remains possible only in the major population centers of the Manifold, though weekly editions can be ordered as airdrops anywhere where the Guild has a skystation branch office. Subscribers in extremely remote locations may have to make do with RadNet transcription only.   The Guild Gazette occasionally publishes special editions to commemorate major events or holidays celebrated by a large number of prospective readers. The most common edition held as historical documents are the New Year's Day editions, which are oversized editions featuring reprintings of major stories from the preceeding year, projections of what the future year may hold, and an expanded editorial section to capture the public sentiment at the time for posterity.

Historical Details


Journalistic content for the newspaper is produced both by Guild members and local wire services in each region the Guild operates in. This content is aggregated and edited at the newspaper's offices aboard the Castle of Aurorae before being distributed via air courier, RadNet, or telecommunications lines to printing presses for publication.   Presses working for The Guild Gazette usually present their nightly issues of the Gazette with inserts discussing local community events and bearing advertisements to further increase the profits drawn by the paper. Similarly, independent local newspapers often subscribe to The Guild Gazette's AutoNet for use as a wire service, allowing these papers to use the Gazette as a source when their own journalists cannot be on the scene of a newsworthy event. A fraction of the profits gained from such activities are paid back to The Guild Gazette offices to keep the newspaper operational and more independent of the whims of Guild paymasters.

Public Reaction

The Guild Gazette is well-respected by the public, and serves as the only source of trustworthy international news and commentary available to the public during wartime. Editorials published under the guise of 'public comment' are sometimes used as vehicles for political warfare by state actors (notably the Voxelia College of Bards), though Gazette editors have developed a keen nose for propaganda over the years and will either excise such content or contrast it with opposing narratives to maintain the balance. Gazette journalists are respected for their investigative chops, vehement protection of sources, professionalism, and honesty, though these qualities sometimes draw the ire of those who would rather maintain secrecy.
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Author's Notes

The Guild Gazette will be a vehicle for sequential updates on in-universe events within the Manifold Sky setting. The release schedule for Gazette articles remains to-be-announced at this time. Please watch this space for updates on this project. Thanks for reading!

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