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Player of the Year

Every year, the International Professional Terraceball League scours the player rolls to find the one player that best represents the sport of Terraceball on and off the field. This player becomes the officially-documented Player of the Year and recieves reknown and accolades for their sportsmanly achievements.


Statistical performance is the most significant contributing factor to the IPTL's decision to bestow the title of Player of the Year on a player, though it is not the only factor. Consistently conducting oneself in a honorable, sportsmanlike manner, participating in various humanitarian and community outreach programs in ones capacity as a player, pleasing the crowds with one's performance, and bringing positive attention to the sport in general are also good ways to get the attention of the League when they consider candidates for the Player of the Year title. In contrast, bringing the sport into disrepute or acting in a crass, disrespectful, or disonorable manner can push even the most effective player out of the running.


Player of the Year is a title that a player holds onto until it is granted to another player. A player can recieve the accolade multiple times in the course of their career, however, and the number of times that a player has been nominated for or awarded the title is a matter of record. Becoming Player of the Year can become a self-prepetuating cycle, as recieving the title draws ever more attention to the good work the player is doing and, thereby, influences the League to prop up the player as an example for other players to look up to.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Player of the Year recieves a plaque and a ring in recognition of their achievement. The decorations on the ring are themed around a major even that happened in the year in which they recieved the award or in which the player was involved.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

It will occasionally be discovered that a current or former Player of the Year has been engaged in unseemly activities. For example, the same year that Felix Tanis was nominated for Player of the Year, there was a major doping scandal that forced him and several other talented players out of the running. While the accolade cannot be retroactively removed from a player, later historical materials will note that the negative event occurred and under what context it occurred. A player caught up in such a scandal will seldom be picked for the title in the following years, though the League recognizes the value in a 'redemption arc' and will take efforts towards atonement into account when considering later nominations.

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Length of Term
1 year (see notes)

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