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Cosmeon, Goddess of Cosmic Irony

Godling of Cosmic Irony Cosmeon (a.k.a. Folder of Skies)

Cosmeon is the Goddess of Cosmic Irony in the House of the Unexpected. She is the matron of explorers and navigators. Traditionally, Cosmeon is also the goddess of the "moonlight," ruling over the night when her elder goddess, Selevati, flees from the world at the end of each day. The Folder of Skies' feminine and mutable nature are the traditional source of the "phases" that moonlight appears to go through each month.   Cosmeon is the most unusual God of Irony within the Unexpector faith. Being capable of shifting form (with common forms taken including various deep-sea or Distal creatures hybridized into a vaguely humanoid shape), her actual physical nature is unknown; Cosmeon is generally assumed to be female in her natural state, but being in a constant state of flux, this is only inferred by certain tradition and by her connection to the lunar cycles. In all her forms, however, Cosmeon is known to be the youngest member of the pantheon, as the cosmos themselves are young as seen through the eyes of divinity.

Divine Domains

Chaos, Travel, Water; Moon, Darkness, Planning

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The holy symbol of Cosmeon is a stylized, moonlight-blue squid swimming downward against a dark violet, circular field. The tentacles of the squid reach upward and twist around one another, making it possible to mistake the creature for a tree with gnarled branches when seen from a distance.

Tenets of Faith

Cosmeon encourages her followers to take a realistic view of situations, being careful to not be blinded by ideological or emotional biases which might lead one astray from the path of fate. She values the virtue of temperance in her faithful, as a clear head is vital to decision-making. Preparations for long and complex undertakings, especially journeys, should begin and end with the pouring out of libations (if stock allows) in remembrance of those who have died due to failure to properly prepare. For the followers of Cosmeon, successfully overcoming a previously unforeseen consequence is cause for celebration when time permits.


At the end of each month, when the moon is new, small groups of Cosmeon's faithful gather at the temple to conduct the Daynight Memorial service. The 'Daynight' is a mythical tale presented by Cosmeon's gospel in the Incunabula of the House of the Unexpected. According to the myth, in some unspecified era before The Curved Time, a tribe of occult-minded people uncovered forbidden knowledge and - incautious in their own hubris - were cast into eternal twilight by the spirits they had vainly called upon. The Daynight Memorial serves to remind the faithful of the importance of humility as well as to call Cosmeon's presence (symbolized by moonlight) back into the Manifold for the subsequent month.


Contacts & Relations

Cosmeon is unusual in that she has no direct familial connection to the rest of the House of the Unexpected, her heritage believed to transcend the cycle of myth begun with The Curved Time. Through her association with the celestial cycle, specifically the shifting of the moon's light, she is at various times considered to be the adopted ward of Selevati, who was herself originally a solar goddess.

Divine Classification
Chaotic Neutral
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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