Tales from the sirocco


Having a scribe background and a knack for traveling, Majid Al-aziz, a reknown scholar, made a journey during adulthood to gather the stories of his lands, which of many he remembers from bards and storytellers that travels through the desert. His goals was to create a documentation of these tales so there remains ways to learn and share those stories in case darker times would refain the speakers of old to travel and share their knowledge. Through the years, he traveled with various nomads and gathered their stories and legends, and by comparing the various iterations he found, rewritten those to make them even more impressive, while keeping the origin of those stories intact.   The books contains 22 stories. Amongst the most popular : The devil in the jar, The blind beggar, In the cactus garden, He who lurks, The golden beetle and Twelve days. Majid made the book fit for children despite some serious topics, but uses a writing style that leaves a more deep interpretation to more mature readers.   This recollection was a huge success and many copies were sold. Thanks to this success, Majid spent the rest of his life writing tales of epics with the land he lived in as the canvas. Some say his reknown was so impressive it came to the ears of extraplanar entities, such as djinn, which he bargained with in exchange of knowledge. Five years after his death, his work became more known outside of his region, and it is now simple in this day and age to find copies in about every country.   Despite being a collection of tales, it can be handy for a foreigner to have an access to this book as it details major elements of creatures which can be encountered in altalyf

Historical Details

Public Reaction

The public reaction was very favorable of the myths collection. Every children in Al Talif have at least heard or read some of the stories from the book. Most consider it a historical reference which portrays different cultural behaviours in the country.
Text, Literary (Novel/Poetry)


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