Hall of Respite

Purpose / Function

When a birthing occurs, the mother and child are sent in the Hall of Respite, regardless of their faith. Inside, the temperature and space is optimal and arranged with chime bells nearby small wind corridor to offert a soothing background noise mixed with the blowing wind while keeping a moderate temperature. A big fire is taken care of by the shrine maidens to make sure the room is most optimal.   The room is also filled with numerous treated beast skins, fresh sheets but also donations of little puppets and stuffed animals given generously by other members of the tribe in their off time. A custom is said that a mother can bring one of them per child back home, usually the one the child seems to prefer, as a token of communal support. It is also seen as a way to develop empathy and care for the child by having one made of the local fauna's animals, as it is an important part of their culture.   When not used for birthing repose time, some maidens and priest(esse)s gather around the fire to meditate, as the room is also filled with faint odors of incenses. Most common odors being lavender, pine and sage. This is usually a place most of them gather to participate in calming crafting works like brodery and tailoring.


Most of them have one big entrance and exit made or engraved wood. Some works are also made to make air circulation. Since it is usually a basement room, there is no side windows, but one is made around the fire's base top to help and see the time of air. Because of that limited light, the room is usually dim.


During the first generations of the Tranendites and Frostbranded, birthing were difficult for boreal settlement as the instalations werent made for optimal conditions on that end, added with the problematic temperature. To paliate to that, the seers and priests went into divination to find a solution, and through cryptic answers, tought that having a safe haven closer to earth would benefits the new blood they had.   To make it so, they started construction of a basement building in their shrine and managed it to offer heat but also some air change through small wind corridors. It symbolised the gift of the Ice mother through those living on earth and needed the earth's shelter, as a symbiosis.
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30 Jul, 2019 18:48

Very good choice of music here, really helps add to the mood of this article. Lots of good information to be found here! One of the few things I'll criticize here is a lack of how this building is supposed to look. You mention entrances but not it's structure, or at least architecture. That feels very crucial for an article on a building, in my opinion.

Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
30 Jul, 2019 20:17

You are right, Jethro. This is something i was wondering what was missing and you found it. i will try to make a sketch tonight if possible. Helpful comment ^^.   Happy SC !

Etalia Cutlow
30 Jul, 2019 19:27

This is a really cool take on religious building! The birth of a new life is almost always such a huge deal for people, yet often overseen in fiction. And I agree, the music is a great addition to the overall article. One thing I thought of regarding style is that if the incense is supposed to smell good it could be a good idea to use 'scent' instead of 'odour'. The section of entries are also a bit confusing to me, I don't know if you have missed some words or something but I have a hard time understanding what you're trying to convey here!

Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
30 Jul, 2019 20:38

Hello Etalia. I put this one in critique since i also felt soething was amiss. You are right as well with odours, i will make the change about it. Glad you liked the read. Happy SC !

30 Jul, 2019 20:11

Overall I liked the article. The over all impression of the area and tech level are very good. Though I didn't get that they were in a boreal region until well into the article. It might do to put that information nearer to the front, though if this article isn't one people are going to be jumping straight to, it may not be necessary. There were several places where you seemed to have trouble finding the words you needed. The line about the doll being from the local fauna is one example. Is the doll given to develop the child's empathy for the natural world? Do they believe the doll will make the natural world more sympathetic to the child? Or the tribe more sympathetic to the child because of the connection to the natural world?

Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
30 Jul, 2019 21:27

Hey Heather!   to answer your question, it's mostly to develop a caring side for nature to the child. But the other way around could be interesting, i could think about an anecdote around this ( like if a bear wasn't hostile when she saw the toddler hugging the bear or something).   The mention of the alte boreal thing, yeah. i feel the format/wroding needs something to polish on, thus why i put it in critique. That confirm my toughts and will check on that.   Happy Summercamp!

30 Jul, 2019 23:52

I liked the idea of the article and providing a safe place for women in labour to go to. I do have quite a few questions about stuff in the article...   I was left wondering about these priestesses, in particular, where do they live? Is it somewhere within the hall or somewhere else? Do they assist in the birth or post-partum by other means than by making sure the room is comfy?   "When a birthing occurs, the mother and child are sent in the Hall of Respite, regardless of their faith" Should a woman not want to, is she forced to go to this Hall of Respite? How long do they stay there?   Why do the priestesses use this room to meditate? While I understand that it is a calming room, it seems a tad inappropriate to be doing meditation, not to mention embroidery and tailoring in a room where a woman who just went through labour may walk into.   Overall, I thought this was a neat article and idea.

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William Belley
31 Jul, 2019 06:07

Hello Mgatta ! Thanks again for you detailed comments.   They live in the religious settlement where the hall is made, and they do assist. When birthing occurs, they are not forced to but encouraged, as it is a optimal place for rest and medical assistance. They would stay about a week or maybe more if it needs be.   As for the last detail, it is something i omitted to precise. it is used that way when no mother uses it. Since they are small communities the majority of days are vacant for these activities. But i will precise it.   Happy SUmmercamp !