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Xarinus, the Smoldering King, is the evil god of Death.   He is the King of Death. All souls of petitioners come to his realm of Rex Mortis. Those who are faithful are sorted by him. Those who are left unclaimed stay there, becoming part of the bone oasis.  


Xarinus is often described as being a robed king, sometimes a helmeted figure. He is known to extrude heat from him, as he is constantly burning. A halo ring of fire is said to always float above his head.  


Xarinus has the power of death itself. He controls fire and is known to be able to control volcanic activity on Malyk. He also has the most souls out of all the gods of Malyk, as he controls Rex Mortis, where all souls go when they die, and default to if no other god claims them.  


Xarinus wields the ancient blade, the Exonerator, which has become blackened from the ever-burning touch of his hands.  


The grimmest of all the gods, Xarinus sits alone in the Black Citadel, ruling over Rex Mortis as an uncaring ruler.  


Although he is the ruler of Rex Mortis, his influence spreads to Neo Infernos, as no god currently lays claim to that Encompassing Realm.  


Xarinus does not need to advocate his rule on Malyk, as he gets more than plenty of souls from the lack of faith and good-will among the mortals there, but cults have formed to worship him regardless. These cults usually form on the basis of knowing they are going to his realm, and petitioning him to make their stay there less wraithful.  


Xarinus has a rivalry with Nav’ti, as the two evil gods rarely get along. Although he and Atinueas don't like each other, Atinueas concedes to the need of having a god of death rule over Rex Mortis.

Divine Domains

Death, Destruction, Fire
Divine Classification
True Evil


Lord of Death   The Smoldering King  

Holy Symbol


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