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Outer Realms

Outside of the plane of Malyk exists eleven outer realms, which are planes that surround the sphere of Malyk. These include the eight encompassing realms, as well as the Knot, Funnel, and Void.

The Encompassing Realms

These eight planes surround Malyk, and form the basis of the sphere of Malyk. Each cover an eighth of the wedge that aligns Malyk's Crystal Sphere. Each of these Encompassing Realms seal Malyk from the rest of the multiverse, preventing planar travel in or out of the Crystal Sphere. These lands concave upwards and physically connect to each other. All eight encompassing realms connect to two other planes, Nodus and Curriculum.
  • Illustra (Lawful Good)
  • Verdun (True Good)
  • Terminus (Chaotic Good)
  • Horolgo (Lawful Neutral) or "The Grand Clock"
  • Alternia (Chaotic Neutral)
  • Valefar (Chaotic Evil)
  • Neo Infernos (Lawful Evil) or "New Hell"
  • Rex Mortis (True Evil) or "The Kingdom of Death"

The Knot and Funnel.

The Knot ("Nodus"), and the Funnel ("Curriculum") are the two intersections of the eight encompassing realms. Nodus is a neutral plane that was created by twisting the eight encompassing realms together. Curriculum, however, is a giant hole. It is only through the Funnel that planar travel in and out of Malyk is possible. It, however, requires tremendous energy and the ability to physically traverse thousands of miles through the Funnel: a task mortals rarely survive.

The Void

The void is the region of emptiness between the encompassing realms and the plane of Malyk. The void includes the stars, the sun, and entire worlds ruled by the void walkers.


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