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Rex Mortis

Rex Mortis, also known as the Bone Oasis or Kingdom of Death, is the realm of death in the Crystal Sphere of Malyk. The planet of Malyk aligns with this Encompassing Realm in the month of Mortin.  


When a person dies, they find themselves in the Astral Sea, but unlike what happens within other Crystal Spheres, their soul is locked inside the plane of Malyk. After 10 days of death, if no god of Malyk claims that soul, they default to Rex Mortis. One of the stars visible from Rex Mortis is the Sun that lights up the planet Malyk, reminding many denizens of Rex Mortis how far away they are from home, and is a grim reminder of their death.  


The ground of Rex Mortis is made of bone meal, as many souls who give up here have their body and skeleton trampled on over millennia, grinding them to become part of the ground itself. The ground is brownish, as the bone matter is often stained by the blood rains. Grass and other plants are sporadic, and draw nutrients from bone and blood.  


Many monsters here hunt down lost souls, devouring them and leaving their skeletons to become part of the soil. One of the most common beasts of this area is known as the Screaming Antelope, whose screams induce insanity upon those who hear them, often breaking the willpower of their prey to weaken them before consumption.  


In Rex Mortis, their is the Citadel of Death, ruled by the god Xarinus. From their, he reigns over this realm, as well as Neo Infernos.


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