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Ultima is the lawful evil goddess of innovation, and the dissenter angel of Atinueas. Ultima, originally named Helena, was created by the god, Atinueas. She later betrayed him and, through The Divine Mending rose to godhood. Upon becoming a god, Atinueas swore never again to create an angel, which led to Helena changing her name to Ultima, the last angel.   She is cunning and deceptive and passes herself off as being righteous, despite her evil nature. She is an advocate of tyranny, claiming that the humanity of Malyk deserves it and that all injustice will end. She is often praised by scientists and wizards, due to humankind's bestowing the secret knowledge guarded by Rao.  


Ultima appears as a four-winged metallic angel, clad in plate armor. She wields a spear in one hand, and a long sword in the other. Her helmet is horned and only covers her upper face.  


Ultima is said to have a divine gift in knowledge and wisdom. Although most of her knowledge was stolen from the Archives of Rao, her interpretation and application of knowledge gave rise to electricity and its innovative use among mankind. Her divine magic is strongly weighted towards manipulation, divination, healing, and lightning. She has been known to give great restorative powers to those she finds worthy of her blessing.  


Ultima bares a few powerful artifacts, including the Book of Unharnessed Multitudes, a book stolen from the Archives of Rao, the Etherion and Galvanizor, a long sword and spear respectively, and Imperion, her plate armor. The Imperion and Etherion were forged by Atinueas and bestowed upon her while she was still his angel, while she forged the Galvanizor. See Etherion, Imperion, and Galvanizor.    


Ultima takes pride and is never ashamed to identify herself as evil. She believes that evil can be just and wishes to improve humanity in a blasphemous way to other gods. She is caring and kind to those she believes to be on a path that aligns with hers, and is not afraid to maim, torture, or kill anyone who stands in her way.   Ultima is the only evil god of Malyk to show mercy and compassion to her followers. She gives blessings and rewards those devoted to her. One of her most sought after blessings is Immortality. Many of her priests seek this selfish blessing, which are known as Immortality Priests.    


Ultima was created in the Outer Realm, Illustra. After her dissension from Atinueas, she fled into Horolgo, the Grand Clock, which was now vacant with Rao gone. She took control the the Great Clock Citadel, and stole Rao's literature and knowledge, making his realm now her own.    


A variety of types of people worships ultima. She is heavily praised by alchemists and wizards for her divulge of forbidden knowledge upon Malyk, which resulted in the Imperial Age's technological burst. She is also worshiped by those of progressive mindsets, which she is often synonymous with.   Although Ultima is Lawful Evil, many of her followers, even her priests, can be neutral or good-aligned. Ultima believes in the enforcement of her ways, and her agenda removes agency from others, but many see this as an act of righteousness.    


Ultima does not get along with many other gods. She sees herself as above other gods of evil, while being looked down upon by the gods of good. She has a rivalry with Uvdohr, the creator of Horolgo, the Grand Clock, and Rao, whom she stole his home and knowledge from, and Atinueas, whom she dissented from. She has a friendly relationship with Mysin.

Divine Domains

Innovation, Knowledge, Tyranny, Immortality
Artwork commissioned from ajidwiputra.
Divine Classification
Lawful Evil


Goddess of Innovation   Clockwork Angel   Dissenter of the Light Bringer   Tyrant of Knowledge  

Holy Symbol

Character Portrait image: Ultima by ajidwiputra


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