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Sindorite is an alchemical alloy, invented by the god of the forge, Uvdohr. It is created using 4 parts platinum, 1 part gold, 6 parts aluminum and a fire opal. It's main property is its ability to conduct electricity to power any arcane runes inscribed unto it. Because of this, most technology runs with a Sindorite core, although some devices used the cheaper, Brightray, alloy in its place.   The involvement of gold and platinum in sindorite has caused those metals to become more valuable, as most of the known mined metals are needed for it. This led to the Council of Midara to invent the Myrrin, a currency devoid of the need for those precious metals. Because of this, Myrrin was often referred to as "Paper Gold."   According to the Church of Uvdohr, sindorite is known as the "Divine Metal." Many priests of Uvdohr use sindorite as adornments and jewelry, and holy symbols of Uvdohr are always made of sindorite, and any instruments of religious practice are made from it, as well.   Sindorite is not a natural metal alloy, and can only be made using alchemy. A 10 lb. sindorite ingot is made from the recipe below. The alchemical formula for sindorite is F₂Al₅GOx₂Pl₂Tt₃Op₃.
Amount Material
6 lb. Platinum
1 lb. Gold
4 lb. Aluminum
1 (1/4 diameter) Fire Opal
10 lb. Sindorite


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