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Set perfectly in the middle of the western side of Malkor is a valley, surrounded by jagged mountains. Only two roads in and out of Sanctuary exist, creating entrances and exits on the northern and west side. In this valley of lush greenery there are constant thunderstorms raging, and from these storms the Aetherborn are made. Here is also the kingdom of the Dragonborn, and they maintain a close relationship with the Aetherborn. Quite a few monasteries dot the land of Sanctuary, a few of them built upon mountaintops to better draw on the Storms.
Led by the last Platinum dragonborn, God-King Gilgamesh, the Dragonborn are a race of spiritual and martial creed. Their faith in Bahamut (especially for the metallic Dragonborn) is only rivaled by their immense martial prowess, though ironically the Church of Bahamut regards them as a religious splinter faction.
  The legends of Sanctuary's neverending flames are numerous; Some say that a god's essence is imbued in the land's soil, some claim it to be an eternal punishment against the Dragonborn who they claim failed Bahamut, and others yet believe the ancient Dragonborn requested it specifically to constantly face danger, so that they may always be alert. Regardless, there is a unanimous opinion that the environment within Sanctuary is one of the most dangerous, and thus fitting, places to challenge oneself. Many warriors journey to monasteries or training camps located within sanctuary to fight powerful beings or simply brave the storms. Few make it out alive.


The jagged mountains of Sanctuary are only rivaled by the temples and towers that the Dragonborn have constructed, spiraling toward the thundering clouds above. The center of Sanctuary holds its largest and tallest temple, constructed above the lake inside the valley, rivers converging inside the middle of it.

Fauna & Flora

Sanctuary is home to many tropical and other strange creatures and plantlife, by virtue of the chaotic nature of the area.
The wildlife is just as dangerous as the climate.

Alternative Name(s)
Crater / Crater Lake / Caldera
Characters in Location

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