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The Crusade of Thunder

Disaster / Destruction

9842 DL - 9982 DL

The great goddess of war and thunder, Thara, launches a retaliation attack against Aldrothogeth. It ends tragically with her death.

In the aftermath of the void wars, Thara, goddess of war, took it upon herself to drive out Aldrothogeth personally, and ensure that his dark forces never again threaten the mortal realm. She descends to the mortal realm and recruits mortals, gifting them with the power of thunder and lightning, and charges into the rift with an army of vengeance. For years they are gone, and the areas around the Rift of Aln, as it as come to be called, is constantly wracked with thunderstorms.   None know what transpired at the other end of the Rift, but after 140 years, Thara's broken body crashes through the Rift into Sanctuary, reshaping the entire landscape into the valley it came to be known as. With her last ounces of power, she destroys the rift with her mighty thunder, and then falls silent, her body crumbling to dust. To this day, storms still rage endlessly in Sanctuary, though life has found a way to prosper. Many suspect this is partially because it is the resting place of a god.   To honor Thara's sacrifice, Bahamut puts the martial seat in Sanctuary and rebuilds the fortress, seating Gilgamesh, his first lieutenant, as the martial commander of the Church of the Dragon.

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Creation, as Recorded by the Church of Bahamut