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Creation, as Recorded by the Church of Bahamut

BB: Before Bahamut DL: During Bahamut's Life AD: After Bahamut's Death

Before Bahamut's Birth

3400003 -> 0 BB

The time of creation before Bahamut the Vast was conceived by the vast powers of the universe.

During Bahamut's Life

0 -> 12691 DL

The events during the time which Bahamut was alive.

Age After Bahamut's Death

0 -> 1309 AD

Also known as the Age of Darkness, the time in which the world recovered from their tragic loss.

First Age After Death

0 -> 1000 FA

After the Age of Darkness, the people of Malkor start rebuilding, learning from the past. The calendar is reinvented and an Age is set to 1000 years, which is still used today.